VDM 2k15

Monday, January 05, 2015

January 2, 2k15 means VDM get together again. Because, after years of planning over Facebook, my long lost friends finally make it happen. A day for us and with us.
We, first met at Festival Mall. Those missed high-fives and laughs is here again. We scattered around the mall to find a place to eat.

We end up at KFC in South Station. Yes. We walk, all the way to South Station just to eat. There's money drop and a time to catch up. I was interviewed about my love life. I cannot deny no more to them. So, I answered their questions one by one. Well, binata na ko eh. XD

We're not complete. There's no Jhet nor Angel for some reason. So, only the five of us. Teasing and having fun. Another great way to start the year. We ordered 1 Bucket meal and we add some additional drink and rice and tons of saucy gravy. We ate while telling stories while taking pictures. We're so full when we went back to Festival Mall to have some time at Karaoke. For this is our bonding:

After the Karaoke time, we walk around to this wonderful park (and took pictures and record videos.). The Festival's Riverpark:

And then, we went home. It's a long day of walking and talking. Cheers! Thanks VDM.


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