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Youth Gathering: Trust

Friday, February 27, 2015

It was a struggle. We didn't have an actual meeting but it was successful. I was the first one in the church to prepare for some things like the chairs and games. Later, we had a visitor, brought by Camille  and she's a JIL. She was a member in JIL Bicutan. And we had short talks and after awhile Karl came and I decided to buy some food for them.

It was amazing as we wait for then from 3pm to 3:30pm. I'm worried but I trust God. There's no choice. Haha. And we had people in the circle. Joy lead us in worship and Karl in Opening. Camille shared about the essence of trusting God. She shared the Word very well. :)

After that we played games. From KKB Bingo to Pass the Bible Verse. It was great. We had fun and we memorize verses from the bible as we pass the challenged Word. The fun part is passing the John 3:16 NET version. It was funny and a challenge for them.

We ate our snack. Toasted Siopao and some Junks. And took pictures and closed in prayer lead by Charlie. I know that the laugh and smiles were real.


It's about Jesus!

So loved

Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Tuesday, I shared the word of God, I was assigned to talk about anything God told me to share. A day before, I was studying about Elisha and the kind and rich woman who helped her in 2 Kings. But the day itself, God lead me to Hosea's story. I shared it already with the youth but not with this crowd. My text was in John 3:16 when it was elaborated that God didn't love the world just like that, He SO LOVED the WORLD. It's not God LOVES you but God SO LOVES you. As there's an emphasis, the word 'so'.

One of the greatest example of so loved was Hosea. As he was told by God to be a representative and tell the people of Israel about the real love. He married a prostitute and had 3 children. One day she left and the story goes on.

Hosea biught Gomer her own wife. She bought her own possession back. It's a so loved act. Jesus did the same thing. The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. He paid for what he already own.

I end in the verse that tells us about God's goodness in the end days. It will be massive and amazing.

It was a great feeling to share His Word. Amazing! :)


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Lovers In Paris

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last Heart's Day, I went to Bonifacio High Street which is located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, for I was informed of this Eiffel Tower located in the park by my former trainer and through BHS's Instagram page, you see, If I'll have this chance to go anywhere in the world, Paris, France will be at the top. 

The Bonifacio High Street is a memorable place, as me, together with tropang flex, spend the last day of work in this place during the ramp down of MLB. It was a happy-neutral day as I remember. But it was different this time. I went to the place with my heart longing for romance and awe. Those people around  the place can be called Lovers in Paris as the portrait of this day reflects on that romantic-atmosphere brought by the tower and the event.

I enjoyed the night. Seeing couples and families shared the love for each other with hugs and kisses. To be honest it's a simple yet romantic day. My heart explode and my mind cannot bear it all. For today is heart's day and it's not required to have a girlfriend, as long as you have someone beside you while you enjoy your singlehood, someone, just like me and someone who is, as well, single, your bestfriend. (And I can see the 'ah, friendzoned' smile on your face. XD)

I just basically fell in love with every thing. 
A gratitude to You, my Maker, the Lover of my soul, You're awesome. :)


It's about Jesus!

I didn't asked You

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's been a rough week for me and my family. Headache and bad news. Two nights ago, I was listening to my parents conversation before they slept and they talk about the land that came from our ancestors. It costs a lot and we're in parts with our relatives and it's a pretty huge lot. There were rumors but we're currently investigating. It's just unfair when we found out that it has been sold summer of last year. It weakens us because initially, the one who managed the papers told us that it's hopeless but what happened is they already sold it without our knowledge and the payment is on them.

My Dad cried in the bathroom last Monday, that's when he received the news. And we as a family expressed dismayed about what happened. It's our hope from this poverty and we're waiting for it for decades. It's unbelievable. It's pain.

I remember when I was in devotion as our church leaders asked me to prepare for a short exhortation. I read about 2 Kings 4:8 it's about Elisha the Prophet. That part of the story talks about a couple who build a room for the prophet, so whenever he's in town, he can stay in their house. One day Elisha acknowledged the kindness of their hearts and asked them if there's anything that they want. She answered that she have everything that she need. Elisha was informed regards to their situation as a couple, they had no child. He begun to prophesy that they will have a son.

It has been fulfilled but one day. The boy had a headache and died. The woman seeks for the prophet for help and told Elisha this incredible line: I didn't ask you for a son.

There's a preaching out there. Lord, I was born with this after our family name. We didn't asked you for this. It just came before us and with our hopes up. I know you will never fail us. You will never fail us.


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Buntong Hininga

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dumaan, dumadaan at dadaan. Past, present and future. Parang topic sa school, parang pagaaral. Nakaranas ka na ba ng pagdaan ng isang pagsubok kung saan wala kang magawa kundi magbuntong hininga?! 

Palakad lakad, pabalikbalik at kumakabog ang dibdib. Di mo alam kung saan magsisimula at kung paano aayusin ang lahat. Na pinangarap mong may time machine para makabalik ka sa nakaraan at iayos ang pagkakamali mo, na nag-aalala ka sa darating na bukas na baka dala-dala mo pa rin ang problemang pinagdadaanan. Nasaktan ka na't umiyak, naisip mo ng walang magagawa ang bawat patak ng luha sa ikakaayos ng lahat. Gusto mong magsimula ulit. 

Lahat naman siguro tayo ay may bagay na pinagsisisihan. Na dati ay itinuturo na'tin sa iba, na ayaw nating aminin kase mapride tayo. Pero alam mo sa sarili mo na nakikipaglokohan ka lang at ikaw talaga ang may sala.

Merong tinatawag na butterfly effect, isang teorya na tungkol sa pagbalik sa nakaraan kung saan ang isang pagbabago sa kahit isang maliit pangyayare sa nakaraan ay maaraming magdulot ng malaking pagbabago sa hinaharap. Isang rason na maaaring dahilan ng paghadlang sa'tin ng tadhana na makapagimbento ng time machine. Pero ang ikinakakaba mo ay baka mawala.. At magbago 'yung magagandang bagay na hawak mo na ngayon.

Blabberiing. Hayy. Let's sigh.

Pero mas maganda siguro kung may plano, sistema para sa plano at aksyon para manatili sa pagbabago. 

Tara?! Kaya naman eh.


It's about Jesus!

Youth Pastor

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I read kuya jade's article about "Calling" when he respond to a question about life's purpose. The question is about studying in a seminary to be a pastor and not pursuing any other career. Well, I'm not going to talk about that story, but something similar.

I have lots of question in my head regarding my calling in the ministry. I'm serving in the church under creative arts network and it's scope is projectionist, designing, writing, video/photo editing. And I was from Jesus Army of Musician as a trainee for Bass Guitar. Currently, I also handle a Life Group for the Young Men and Church Youth Coordinator or the KKB(Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan) Head.

And last Tuesday in our weekly prayer meeting, one of my admired church planter and pastor, Bro. Orly was my prayer partner. I was moved by his prayer for me and it got me thinking, linking  what happened last Sunday as I had a heart to heart conversation with my 2 close fellow youth in our church. They shared their burden and their current situation in life that I have a privilege to pray for them, Is this my calling?!

Bro. Orly's prayer is that I will be a Youth Pastor. Ohh. Big word. Big calling. But do I have what it takes?!

Lord, I honestly don't know what to do. Show me signs. Give me hints. Tell me what to do and where to start. Thank you po. :)

I'm gonna lead them in a special way?! Hmm


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The Lonely Cat

Friday, February 06, 2015

Couple of years back me and my brother Israel together with my cousin had kittens. It was somehow our grandfathers gift since his own cat gave birth to this little cutie pies. They were adorable as kittens. And we did our best to support them like a mother to a child. We feed them and play with them.

As they grow up something horrible happened. My Cat was gone, I don't know where she went but it was gone. I tried finding her but nowhere to be found. All we had is this Cat owned by my brother. I can't remember the name but it goes with the cat family. Something like jaguar or cheetah, not sure but anyway, this cat is epic! He was on an accident and you can still see the mark of the past on his ribs. Less hair on that part.

I admire this cat, why?! He'd been through something, an accident with a tricycle, he lost his family at early age and he's fighting for his life. He even fights with a dog just to survive.

But I don't own this cat. He has no room in our house simply because he keeps on attacking our ulam. Kahit ano yan and he's always blocking our ways. It kinda annoy us but today there's something different.

Because we all too had some not-good-experiences but we're here surviving to live for ourselves and for our loved ones. And at the end of the day, we're looking for comfort, where we can lay our heads for a rest,  a place where we belong. We all need that belongingness.

I saw this cat sleeping comfortably in our chair in the livingroom while my mom and dad sleeps on their bed beside. This is the only place that he got. We're all that is left for him.

I better love this kitten.



Birthday Concert

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I attended ate Joanne's 30th Birthday Cincert in our church entitled Serenade. She's the wife of the son of my church pastor, basically her daughter-in-law. And the celebration is totally different from what I used to attend. Simply because it's a birthday concert and they ministered to us all through songs of worship. I was assigned in the multimedia and was blessed upon seeing just the program blows me away.

From the songs that she sing in her childhood to her teenage life, her highschool and adulthood melodies also her devotions and married life songs were shared to us. We heard the performances of her fellow ministers in Greenhills JAM/VIA and they render mash ups of some timeless praise and worship songs.

I'm so blessed. I'm actually speechless.
Happy 30th ate Joanne! :)


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