Birthday Concert

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I attended ate Joanne's 30th Birthday Cincert in our church entitled Serenade. She's the wife of the son of my church pastor, basically her daughter-in-law. And the celebration is totally different from what I used to attend. Simply because it's a birthday concert and they ministered to us all through songs of worship. I was assigned in the multimedia and was blessed upon seeing just the program blows me away.

From the songs that she sing in her childhood to her teenage life, her highschool and adulthood melodies also her devotions and married life songs were shared to us. We heard the performances of her fellow ministers in Greenhills JAM/VIA and they render mash ups of some timeless praise and worship songs.

I'm so blessed. I'm actually speechless.
Happy 30th ate Joanne! :)


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