I didn't asked You

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's been a rough week for me and my family. Headache and bad news. Two nights ago, I was listening to my parents conversation before they slept and they talk about the land that came from our ancestors. It costs a lot and we're in parts with our relatives and it's a pretty huge lot. There were rumors but we're currently investigating. It's just unfair when we found out that it has been sold summer of last year. It weakens us because initially, the one who managed the papers told us that it's hopeless but what happened is they already sold it without our knowledge and the payment is on them.

My Dad cried in the bathroom last Monday, that's when he received the news. And we as a family expressed dismayed about what happened. It's our hope from this poverty and we're waiting for it for decades. It's unbelievable. It's pain.

I remember when I was in devotion as our church leaders asked me to prepare for a short exhortation. I read about 2 Kings 4:8 it's about Elisha the Prophet. That part of the story talks about a couple who build a room for the prophet, so whenever he's in town, he can stay in their house. One day Elisha acknowledged the kindness of their hearts and asked them if there's anything that they want. She answered that she have everything that she need. Elisha was informed regards to their situation as a couple, they had no child. He begun to prophesy that they will have a son.

It has been fulfilled but one day. The boy had a headache and died. The woman seeks for the prophet for help and told Elisha this incredible line: I didn't ask you for a son.

There's a preaching out there. Lord, I was born with this after our family name. We didn't asked you for this. It just came before us and with our hopes up. I know you will never fail us. You will never fail us.


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