Lovers In Paris

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last Heart's Day, I went to Bonifacio High Street which is located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, for I was informed of this Eiffel Tower located in the park by my former trainer and through BHS's Instagram page, you see, If I'll have this chance to go anywhere in the world, Paris, France will be at the top. 

The Bonifacio High Street is a memorable place, as me, together with tropang flex, spend the last day of work in this place during the ramp down of MLB. It was a happy-neutral day as I remember. But it was different this time. I went to the place with my heart longing for romance and awe. Those people around  the place can be called Lovers in Paris as the portrait of this day reflects on that romantic-atmosphere brought by the tower and the event.

I enjoyed the night. Seeing couples and families shared the love for each other with hugs and kisses. To be honest it's a simple yet romantic day. My heart explode and my mind cannot bear it all. For today is heart's day and it's not required to have a girlfriend, as long as you have someone beside you while you enjoy your singlehood, someone, just like me and someone who is, as well, single, your bestfriend. (And I can see the 'ah, friendzoned' smile on your face. XD)

I just basically fell in love with every thing. 
A gratitude to You, my Maker, the Lover of my soul, You're awesome. :)


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