So loved

Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Tuesday, I shared the word of God, I was assigned to talk about anything God told me to share. A day before, I was studying about Elisha and the kind and rich woman who helped her in 2 Kings. But the day itself, God lead me to Hosea's story. I shared it already with the youth but not with this crowd. My text was in John 3:16 when it was elaborated that God didn't love the world just like that, He SO LOVED the WORLD. It's not God LOVES you but God SO LOVES you. As there's an emphasis, the word 'so'.

One of the greatest example of so loved was Hosea. As he was told by God to be a representative and tell the people of Israel about the real love. He married a prostitute and had 3 children. One day she left and the story goes on.

Hosea biught Gomer her own wife. She bought her own possession back. It's a so loved act. Jesus did the same thing. The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. He paid for what he already own.

I end in the verse that tells us about God's goodness in the end days. It will be massive and amazing.

It was a great feeling to share His Word. Amazing! :)


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