The Lonely Cat

Friday, February 06, 2015

Couple of years back me and my brother Israel together with my cousin had kittens. It was somehow our grandfathers gift since his own cat gave birth to this little cutie pies. They were adorable as kittens. And we did our best to support them like a mother to a child. We feed them and play with them.

As they grow up something horrible happened. My Cat was gone, I don't know where she went but it was gone. I tried finding her but nowhere to be found. All we had is this Cat owned by my brother. I can't remember the name but it goes with the cat family. Something like jaguar or cheetah, not sure but anyway, this cat is epic! He was on an accident and you can still see the mark of the past on his ribs. Less hair on that part.

I admire this cat, why?! He'd been through something, an accident with a tricycle, he lost his family at early age and he's fighting for his life. He even fights with a dog just to survive.

But I don't own this cat. He has no room in our house simply because he keeps on attacking our ulam. Kahit ano yan and he's always blocking our ways. It kinda annoy us but today there's something different.

Because we all too had some not-good-experiences but we're here surviving to live for ourselves and for our loved ones. And at the end of the day, we're looking for comfort, where we can lay our heads for a rest,  a place where we belong. We all need that belongingness.

I saw this cat sleeping comfortably in our chair in the livingroom while my mom and dad sleeps on their bed beside. This is the only place that he got. We're all that is left for him.

I better love this kitten.


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