Youth Gathering: Trust

Friday, February 27, 2015

It was a struggle. We didn't have an actual meeting but it was successful. I was the first one in the church to prepare for some things like the chairs and games. Later, we had a visitor, brought by Camille  and she's a JIL. She was a member in JIL Bicutan. And we had short talks and after awhile Karl came and I decided to buy some food for them.

It was amazing as we wait for then from 3pm to 3:30pm. I'm worried but I trust God. There's no choice. Haha. And we had people in the circle. Joy lead us in worship and Karl in Opening. Camille shared about the essence of trusting God. She shared the Word very well. :)

After that we played games. From KKB Bingo to Pass the Bible Verse. It was great. We had fun and we memorize verses from the bible as we pass the challenged Word. The fun part is passing the John 3:16 NET version. It was funny and a challenge for them.

We ate our snack. Toasted Siopao and some Junks. And took pictures and closed in prayer lead by Charlie. I know that the laugh and smiles were real.


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