Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inihagis ang bola papunta sa ring, sumabay ang depensa ng kabilang team, iniangat ang mga kamay at inihampas sa bola, napigilan ang winning shot. At naghiyawan ang depensa.

Ganito sa basketball, hindi man ako marunong pero napapanood ko, nilalaro ko sa PC.

Supalpal, naranasan mo na bang masupalpal?! Akala mo papasok 'yung bola, akala mo sa jump shot mong 'yun kayo ng buong kupunan mo ang magwawagi. Pero hindi pala. Ang winning shot na inakala mo ay bumaliktad at naging kahihiyan ng pagkatalo. Dapat pala ipinasa mo nalang ang bola para magka-assist ka o kaya para di sa'yo ang sisi, pero wala, nangyare na. Tapos na. Nasupalpal ka na.

May iba't ibang klase ng supalpal. Meron sa school, sa office at meron din sa pamilya. 'yung ipinaglaban mong tama, mali pala. Hindi pumasok at naubos ang oras. Sayang ang effort. Sayang ang pagod. Isang pagkakataon na nakakahinayang at nakakahiya. Gusto mong ulitin at gusto mong ibahin ang disisyon. Gusto mong sumabak muli para pagisipang mabuti ang bawat layup at jumpshots, mga decision na kailangan ng biglaan pero ayaw mo na, nahihiya ka ng umulit pa.

Mahirap masupalpal. Pero mas mahirap ang di bumangon mula dito. Isang beses ka lang naman nasupalpal eh, o ilang beses pero ilan ba ang naging puntos mo? Ilan ang kontribusyon mo sa labang ito. Siguradong higit pa 'yun sa supalpal na inabot mo.

Supalpal, sa ingles, block.

Parang kaibigan ko, matalik na kaibigan na kung saan di ko namalayang na matagal na pala niya akong sinupalpal. Sa Facebook.

LA Clippers Forward Blake Griffin blocks Guard, Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets. 



Dad's Birthday

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's a really tiring day. From waking up, to sleeping at night. I can feel some weight on my shoulders. In the morning, as I woke up, I immediately helped my mom preparing for the food for later. We cooked Caldereta, Spaghetti, Biko, Menudo, Shanghai Rolls Molo Soup and alamang for the visitor's. (Not the alamang, it's for dad.) I'm also assigned to wash the plates. After few more hours, the visitors came rushing in. From, Myla to our fat child neighbor. We were busy at the time and we never reached the point when there's nothing to do. There's always a pending assignment.

Rest came the next day. But I'd share what happened that day, friends and relatives came in munching some lunch and meryenda. They begin tearing up the food on the table. I hear birthday songs and greetings. The next thing is some phone calls and on the way text messages. My espren's family were invited as well, too bad her parents and her brother is not going to make it. But we appreciate her time to visit us. We ate some food and later, after joking around, I went with her in San Pedro while we were talking about some serious stuff from her love life to her wedding day. HAHAHA! It's really fun. XD

When I went back home, I was cornered. There's this message time for dad held by sis.evelyn. They said that I'm the one that they're waiting for in that moment so they can eat. So, I mentioned my greetings and thanks and apologies. Afterwards, It's my little brother's turn. He's shy and we made fun of him. When he finally pulled the guts over this historic moment. He cried telling dad that he's grateful for the chance to be cared for by dad and in ending his touching statement he said "mahal na mahal po namin kayo" in tears. And we're all smiling. As me and my teasing-expert-brother Israel had the eye-contact for a massive tease! HAHAHAHA! We mimic what he said and then laugh. He was pissed off to the point that his eye never left our movements.

It's a great day thou. Dad is already 50. Old enough. 

Mom and Dad. Throwback. No snaps for this year. :|




Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's been 6 years since the last time I went here in our province, Batangas. It didn't excite me because I'm not into going to the province because I don't know anyone. By that I mean, I'm not close with my cousins and It's a shame that I don't know them. But hey. year after year, Mom and Dad and my whole family always urge me to go with them whenever there's an opportunity. I just declined invitation after invitation.

Last Monday, I felt like going with them for it's my uncle's 60th birthday. So, we woke up early and made our way to Batangas, it's a pretty long ride in the bus. I just watch the vehicle passed us by and watch God's creation while we're in motion. It's a beautiful day. We ate breakfast (Pic-A) on the bus and munch some buko pie which is nice. 

When we're getting closer to the place, I started to panic, thinking about the things that I would say and some scripts in my head that I ended up not using. I first saw ate Riza, she's one of the most familiar to me. I saw excitement in her eyes and she hugged us one by one. Her mother also gave us her blessings (Mano po.)

Then, there, we saw our grandmother, she's so adorable. She's old enough to forget things easily to the point where she's not familiar with our mom (when mom visited her last year) and surely, she don't recognize us. But we loved her. I miss the times when we were kissed by my lola and get excited about us. 

We just laugh as my aunts share the jokes that they had for how many months, maybe years. It was then I realized how simple their life is in this place. After that, we went to the celebrant's house and all of them was there. We did the unli "mano po" to all the elders in the place and we got teased by our pinsans. And then, we eat. We ate the food that was prepared for us. While they exchange stories and laughs. 

Later, we stayed in the living room of the celebrants to get some spot in the strong area of the wifi. They're so busy cooking everything. And when 4pm came, the nephews and nieces came. They're soooo adorable, they came with our awesome cousins. So, I said Hi. 

And the picture taking take place and we eat again. We had some time with cousins after cousins for catch up. I'm a bit shy so, my brother Israel take over most of the conversation.
After awhile, the sun was gone and we need to go. I don't know but I enjoyed the little time we had for them and I appreciate the love that they have for us. I saw some tears as we went away, I hear dramas of longing to be with us. They're so cute. I think I should spend more time there.

I realized many things in just hours of staying in the place. The love and intimacy of our relatives, the simpleness of their lives and the longing for adventures. I mean, they all want to experience going to an airplane and work abroad. This day taught me many things. Oh. What a wonderful day, indeed. :)

//Batangas //sebajisoka


NBA 2k14

Monday, March 09, 2015

I'm stuck with this NBA 2k14 game for some reasons. My PC isn't enough for the system requirements for the latest franchise of NBA 2k, though I have the game already in my system. So, while I wait for some upgrades in GPU and some RAM, I played the MY CAREER MODE for how many months. And it brings fun as I see My Player won game after game as the Jordan Player of the Game to Player of the Week and Player of the Month. In first games, I cheat with Cheat Engine for higher stats. I want to see wins, and lots of winnings. 

But, now, I tried something different, after my cheated profiles has been corrupted, the ones with 32+ Wins and 0 Loss, the one that averaged 55 Points, 10 Assists, 10 Rebounds 8 Steals and 6 Blocks per game with less than 5 turnovers and 39 Minutes in a game. Yeah. I know it hurts. As he's an MVP candidate and the record breaking Rookie of that season.

So, I begun another season, after arguments with myself that I'll never play again, but this time with no cheats, just a fair game, A Small Forward that averages 25.3 Points, 5.4 Rebounds, 2.1 Assists, 1.2 Steals, 2.5 Blocks and currently playing 25 minutes in Phoenix Suns. We have a record of 10 - 5, in 9 game winning streak.

This will teach me some game-patience. Because in life, you really have to work hard to reach those goals. 1 game at a time, with your best in every game. For there's no Cheat Engine in the real world, we all begun as a noob, as a baby. 


//BallisLife. XD


Goodbye Jam

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I don't always post something like this but when I do. I do. 

Posible pala 'to?! Jam Sebastian, half of the YouTube sensation couple JaMich, died today. They are a real life couple and after Jam was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer, they stopped working on the YouTube account. He fought hard for his life for a year. And it all came to this. His death. 

It's a familiar story that we can read in wattpad or some published books that in the ending, one of the main character die. Mich, Jam's partner and fiancĂ©e was in tears for sure.  

I remember in the peak of the sensation, we watched their videos, kinilig at pinasayaPinahanga't ininspire nila tayoNgayonpinapaiyak. 'yung fans, 'yung tagahanga at lalong lalo na ang pamilya. 

RIP Jam and Mich, be strong.  
Isa kayo sa tinitingala kong couple na lumaban hanggang dulo with this kind of challenge. God will comfort you. 

 Here's our shameful YouAndI lipsync. HAHA!



February Fails

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

So, last January, I have this summary of the month that tackles my goals. You know, the resolution thingy? Well, for the month of February, I call it fail. Because I didn't achieved any, maybe they're right, we're good at planning and doing things for our goals just in the start. I'll be gathering it again this March. So I'll be away from the statistics.

But my February is not really FAIL. Because of God's mercy, I'm still alive and been working at church for the Youth, in Life Groups, in our first Youth Gathering since 2014 and in Prayer Meetings. And the Lord has been good, he's so good. There are things that's coming our way and I'm excited. The Bass Tutorial and the Encounter God Retreats.

I still have no work for some lazy reason. I knew it. I remorse and all of that but I know as well that I can get through all of this. Some push might work for me but give me some time. Okay?

I don't know what else to say. I'm just giving an update. Heyaah! :)


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