Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's been 6 years since the last time I went here in our province, Batangas. It didn't excite me because I'm not into going to the province because I don't know anyone. By that I mean, I'm not close with my cousins and It's a shame that I don't know them. But hey. year after year, Mom and Dad and my whole family always urge me to go with them whenever there's an opportunity. I just declined invitation after invitation.

Last Monday, I felt like going with them for it's my uncle's 60th birthday. So, we woke up early and made our way to Batangas, it's a pretty long ride in the bus. I just watch the vehicle passed us by and watch God's creation while we're in motion. It's a beautiful day. We ate breakfast (Pic-A) on the bus and munch some buko pie which is nice. 

When we're getting closer to the place, I started to panic, thinking about the things that I would say and some scripts in my head that I ended up not using. I first saw ate Riza, she's one of the most familiar to me. I saw excitement in her eyes and she hugged us one by one. Her mother also gave us her blessings (Mano po.)

Then, there, we saw our grandmother, she's so adorable. She's old enough to forget things easily to the point where she's not familiar with our mom (when mom visited her last year) and surely, she don't recognize us. But we loved her. I miss the times when we were kissed by my lola and get excited about us. 

We just laugh as my aunts share the jokes that they had for how many months, maybe years. It was then I realized how simple their life is in this place. After that, we went to the celebrant's house and all of them was there. We did the unli "mano po" to all the elders in the place and we got teased by our pinsans. And then, we eat. We ate the food that was prepared for us. While they exchange stories and laughs. 

Later, we stayed in the living room of the celebrants to get some spot in the strong area of the wifi. They're so busy cooking everything. And when 4pm came, the nephews and nieces came. They're soooo adorable, they came with our awesome cousins. So, I said Hi. 

And the picture taking take place and we eat again. We had some time with cousins after cousins for catch up. I'm a bit shy so, my brother Israel take over most of the conversation.
After awhile, the sun was gone and we need to go. I don't know but I enjoyed the little time we had for them and I appreciate the love that they have for us. I saw some tears as we went away, I hear dramas of longing to be with us. They're so cute. I think I should spend more time there.

I realized many things in just hours of staying in the place. The love and intimacy of our relatives, the simpleness of their lives and the longing for adventures. I mean, they all want to experience going to an airplane and work abroad. This day taught me many things. Oh. What a wonderful day, indeed. :)

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