Dad's Birthday

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's a really tiring day. From waking up, to sleeping at night. I can feel some weight on my shoulders. In the morning, as I woke up, I immediately helped my mom preparing for the food for later. We cooked Caldereta, Spaghetti, Biko, Menudo, Shanghai Rolls Molo Soup and alamang for the visitor's. (Not the alamang, it's for dad.) I'm also assigned to wash the plates. After few more hours, the visitors came rushing in. From, Myla to our fat child neighbor. We were busy at the time and we never reached the point when there's nothing to do. There's always a pending assignment.

Rest came the next day. But I'd share what happened that day, friends and relatives came in munching some lunch and meryenda. They begin tearing up the food on the table. I hear birthday songs and greetings. The next thing is some phone calls and on the way text messages. My espren's family were invited as well, too bad her parents and her brother is not going to make it. But we appreciate her time to visit us. We ate some food and later, after joking around, I went with her in San Pedro while we were talking about some serious stuff from her love life to her wedding day. HAHAHA! It's really fun. XD

When I went back home, I was cornered. There's this message time for dad held by sis.evelyn. They said that I'm the one that they're waiting for in that moment so they can eat. So, I mentioned my greetings and thanks and apologies. Afterwards, It's my little brother's turn. He's shy and we made fun of him. When he finally pulled the guts over this historic moment. He cried telling dad that he's grateful for the chance to be cared for by dad and in ending his touching statement he said "mahal na mahal po namin kayo" in tears. And we're all smiling. As me and my teasing-expert-brother Israel had the eye-contact for a massive tease! HAHAHAHA! We mimic what he said and then laugh. He was pissed off to the point that his eye never left our movements.

It's a great day thou. Dad is already 50. Old enough. 

Mom and Dad. Throwback. No snaps for this year. :|


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