February Fails

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

So, last January, I have this summary of the month that tackles my goals. You know, the resolution thingy? Well, for the month of February, I call it fail. Because I didn't achieved any, maybe they're right, we're good at planning and doing things for our goals just in the start. I'll be gathering it again this March. So I'll be away from the statistics.

But my February is not really FAIL. Because of God's mercy, I'm still alive and been working at church for the Youth, in Life Groups, in our first Youth Gathering since 2014 and in Prayer Meetings. And the Lord has been good, he's so good. There are things that's coming our way and I'm excited. The Bass Tutorial and the Encounter God Retreats.

I still have no work for some lazy reason. I knew it. I remorse and all of that but I know as well that I can get through all of this. Some push might work for me but give me some time. Okay?

I don't know what else to say. I'm just giving an update. Heyaah! :)


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