Goodbye Jam

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I don't always post something like this but when I do. I do. 

Posible pala 'to?! Jam Sebastian, half of the YouTube sensation couple JaMich, died today. They are a real life couple and after Jam was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer, they stopped working on the YouTube account. He fought hard for his life for a year. And it all came to this. His death. 

It's a familiar story that we can read in wattpad or some published books that in the ending, one of the main character die. Mich, Jam's partner and fiancée was in tears for sure.  

I remember in the peak of the sensation, we watched their videos, kinilig at pinasayaPinahanga't ininspire nila tayoNgayonpinapaiyak. 'yung fans, 'yung tagahanga at lalong lalo na ang pamilya. 

RIP Jam and Mich, be strong.  
Isa kayo sa tinitingala kong couple na lumaban hanggang dulo with this kind of challenge. God will comfort you. 

 Here's our shameful YouAndI lipsync. HAHA!


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