NBA 2k14

Monday, March 09, 2015

I'm stuck with this NBA 2k14 game for some reasons. My PC isn't enough for the system requirements for the latest franchise of NBA 2k, though I have the game already in my system. So, while I wait for some upgrades in GPU and some RAM, I played the MY CAREER MODE for how many months. And it brings fun as I see My Player won game after game as the Jordan Player of the Game to Player of the Week and Player of the Month. In first games, I cheat with Cheat Engine for higher stats. I want to see wins, and lots of winnings. 

But, now, I tried something different, after my cheated profiles has been corrupted, the ones with 32+ Wins and 0 Loss, the one that averaged 55 Points, 10 Assists, 10 Rebounds 8 Steals and 6 Blocks per game with less than 5 turnovers and 39 Minutes in a game. Yeah. I know it hurts. As he's an MVP candidate and the record breaking Rookie of that season.

So, I begun another season, after arguments with myself that I'll never play again, but this time with no cheats, just a fair game, A Small Forward that averages 25.3 Points, 5.4 Rebounds, 2.1 Assists, 1.2 Steals, 2.5 Blocks and currently playing 25 minutes in Phoenix Suns. We have a record of 10 - 5, in 9 game winning streak.

This will teach me some game-patience. Because in life, you really have to work hard to reach those goals. 1 game at a time, with your best in every game. For there's no Cheat Engine in the real world, we all begun as a noob, as a baby. 


//BallisLife. XD

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