Wednesday, April 08, 2015

During the Holy Week, our Church has an event, the Encounter God Retreat. A Retreat that I attended last summer of 2011 that changed my Spiritual Life, and in 2013, I was blessed to be part of the committee in the same event and this year, again, I'm part of the event. As ministers through the multimedia such as slideshows, videos and songs. And as well in printing handouts. 

In preparing and praying for the event, we all raise our hands for we know that it wouldn't be possible and it will make no sense if there's no moving of the Holy Spirit. Well, everything turned out great as usual. I saw those people cried aloud in realizing what Jesus really did on the cross. 

They understood the salvation, the journey through our spiritual life and they meet God. God is so good for even us, the ministers and committee received something from the Lord. His presence. Truly, better is one day in His courts than thousand years elsewhere.


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