He walks on water!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I was assigned again to our prayer meeting the past week, I was assigned for Friday but for some reason, they put me on Tuesday. And It makes me rush on reviewing the Word that I would share.

God leads me to the story at the sea, again, it's about Jesus walking on the water. And Peter as well, walking on the water where he fell. And what I admire in the story is when peter challenged Jesus to allow him to walk straight to Him on the water. Then, Jesus simple accept the challenge by simply saying "come". The camera turns to peter as it's his turn to respond to the call. He stepped out of his comfort zone and amazingly he walks on water, and went to Jesus but he saw the winds, the waves and he began to fall. Just like us, when we take risks in our faith to Christ. When we make some special effort that we need to step out of our familiar zone, when we're receiving more of Him. We doubt and begin to fall.

Peter called out "Lord, save me" as he slowly fall into the water where he previously overcome. Then, the hand of Jesus saved him from drowning.

Pain, suffering and the unknown. 
1 thing I know is, when we call upon His name. He will surely come in to the rescue and will leave us speechless of what we experienced and saw.

Of all the challenges and the doubt we throw at Christ. There's this response that he made. He invite you to come. 

Would you now, response?



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