Those fishes ate my feet

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

So we're back, we're away for more than a year but here we are, together, once more. Oh hot spring fishes eat my feet again. HAHA! 

After 2 days of EGR, we have this moment to relax at Laguna Hot Spring. Where the warm water looks dirty and there are fishes underneath busy eating away our stressed feet. We had Fun, so much of them, of course, I'm with Hannah Faith, Dann Loid, Denise, Charlie and Jasmin, we played around and enjoyed each other's company. Yeah. Who wouldn't?!

We ate lots of food and we share lots jokes. After awhile, I realized that we're creative enough with the resources that we found beneath the waters. We played along with the rocks and find something interesting on the uninterested things.

We also play race in every way possible. There's also tutorials on swimming and them all.


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