Church Outdoor at Sariaya Quezon

Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Independence day, the Jesus Is Lord Church Norfil - Muntinlupa had an outdoor swimming at Sairaya Quezon. We're around 60 people riding 4 van. I spend the night before at church. I didn't sleep. We have some talks about basketball and poop during the night.

It's a long lonely ride. I don't have super friends with me and I sat in front. My friends and other youths were on the other vans. To keep myself busy while on the road. I imagined a car chase with the other vans and also the race. But while waiting to be the first, I fell asleep. And we're last to arrived at the resort.

First, we fix our things and we prayed for the food so we can eat our breakfast. Exchanging and passing of dishes was the thing. And then, we started to go after the waves. There are pink and blue JELLYFISH! And I'm waiting for spongebob. there's a possibility he's out there somewhere.

The kids were swimming around but a shokoy starts jellyfishing and then throwing it all at us. It makes us all itchy all over our body. So, we went back at the base and spend minutes at the showers and finding medicine for the itchything.

That was the time, we decided to swim on the pool rather than the beach. We played many games with them all and sure we had fun. Time passed by, we know that it's noon. So, we ate. We had some picture taking around the place and we went back to the beach and starts passing by the kawayan bridge as we adore God's creation.

We had some digging and burying and later, we went back to the pool. We played cheering squad and other stuffs but latur. We tried recording our stunts. Air walk, jumpshots and my favorite: CANON BALL. (I learned this from spongebob squarepants' Patrick) Latur on, everyone's doing it. 

It's a day, we showered and chang our clothes, ate some food and take some pictures and we went home. Again, due to no-sleep-thursday, I mostly slept on the van on our way home.

Photo Credit: Denise and Charlie.

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