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I preached on Sunday Service

Monday, August 31, 2015


I've been so much blessed this month, aside from having a job, I also had this special moment on a stage where I was assigned to share the Word of God. 

Just a little bit of context, I already preached in small groups, from prayer gatherings, youth gatherings and other gatherings. It's nerve-breaking and breath-taking. But lately, I've been assigned almost weekly, our pastor somehow trains me to be confident standing in front of large crowd.

Then, she assigned me on a Sunday Service where there are more than hundred of people that will listen to me. I felt like I don't have a choice, so I prepared myself. I prayed and asked God for revelation and confident.

A week before my moment, my documents, the outline and powerpoint is not yet complete. But, I prepared the teaching on the bus, while on my way to my office. I'm listening to worship songs and swiping through the letters on OneNote in my Lumia 640 XL. The app is simply a blessing for people like me.

So, the day came. I'm not worried or something. That's how I handle things like this, you know. I'm more worried about going to the CR than speaking with people. HAHA! Thank God for the confidence. Then, they prayed for me. My hands together and they speak blessings over me. Afterwards..

I start preaching.

I can't even believe that I preached. It felt like it's not me. It was Him. For I know that everything He is doing in my life is not about myself, it will always point back to Him. The anointing, the blessing and the testimony. It will all reflect on Him.

I shared about this blind man and Jesus on Luke 18:35-43 with the title "An Experience with Jesus."

To be honest, I feel weird while I go down the stairs. I don't know if I did well or if I honored God with what I shared, but the response of the people around me was unbelievable and again, their compliments just reflect on who God is. Not me. 



All about her

A Year Ago

Monday, August 24, 2015

I still remember that day. No doubt, it was one of the most thrilling moment of my life.

I'm glad that I did it.
Life changing
And amazing

I'm not reaching the goal yet
But I'm grateful as I see the end of it all.

I can't put everything into words yet, I'll let everything fall into the perfect moment.
And I'll write it all down. 

The story of us. <3


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