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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today is my birthday and the struggle is real. Di kasi kami pinayagan nung una kaming nagpaalam, umabot nga sa pangalawa at ilang beses pa. Pero sa huli. Kami ang nagwagi! Ika nga niya "You and me against the world"

First stop: Jesus Is Lord Church - Norfil | 7am.

I arrived late at church, good thing it started late as well. They're praying for the service and there's a special mention after the prayer. Then the service starts..

Bro. Orly preached about avoiding spiritual decline, which I really need. And yeah, I don't usually remember sermon titles after the preaching but this hooked me up so bad that it's so good. Less than an hour preaching and the program goes on. They  prayed for me and the celebrants and first timers.

Then, a chance to talk to the KKBs for a while and later, I talked to Pastora for Jassiee. Pumayag sila! Oyeah! <3 We immediately went downstairs and ate at McDonald's for breakfast with Jasmin and Israel. Then, we went to Pacita then Sta. Rosa to Enchanted Kingdom.

Madaming bus.
Maraming tao.

Enchanted Kingdom

Pumila kame sa Group Sales and nakakuha ako ng libreng ticket, siya naman ay may discount na 10%. May bracelet din akong pink na lahat ng crew bumabati sa'kin ng "happy birthday".

Pagpasok namin ng Enchanted Kingdom, Naupo kame sa isang tabi at nagpicture. Sa wakaaas! Natupad din ang EK! Hahaha. Nagsimula na din kaming magvlog habang naglalakad lakad at naghahanap ng masasakyan.

Nagsimula kami sa Up, Up and Away, parachute type na ride, medyo mahaba-haba 'yung pila at mas mahaba pa talaga 'yung paghihintay. Ganun naman talaga eh, maganda din 'yung naghihintay. Nakakaexcite.

Ganun din naman 'yung kaganapan nung pumila kami sa Jungle Log Jam. Sobrang haba ng pila pero worth it. Masaya. Adrenaline! Natatawa ako sa kanya kase kitang kita sa itsura niya 'yung pagkakaba niya. Hahaha. Ang ending, nabasa kame. As in basa. Wala pa naman siyang dalang damit.

Dumeretso kami sa Flying Fiesta para dun magpatuyo. Parehong eksena, tuyo na nga kami nung turn na namen at shempre, dun kami sa pang dalawahan. Wala eh. Couple eh. XD

Umorder na kaagad kame matapos namin sa nakakastress na flying fiesta. Di kame nakapagvlog at ang gulo kasi ng pila. Kumaen kame ng parang rice in a box at naupo dun sa malayo. Tapos pizza kaagad. Tig-dalawa kame.

Wheel of Fate

Our last ride for today and waiting, as usual, was the longest time spent. We don't usually take over the conversation when it comes to falling in line because we all know that the ride is what we aim. We savor the moment. Right?

Well, while on the line, finger-crossed and faith were in boosted because as we walk closer and closer, we find hope, that somehow, we find ourselves in cube 17. And we were live. Prayer has been answered. Thank God! It magnifies our "meant-to-be-ness".

We enjoyed the view and play around with the fear of heights or should I say fear of falling. We also vlog up there.

Then, we've gone ahead and went to church as promised. They still have practice. Di kami magkatabi sa Jeep, it gave me time to watch her sleep and be alone for a moment. All I think about is how blessed I am to have her as my bestfriend, girlfriend. No more words. I just want to embrace her, and sure, she's the one that I long to spend my life with.

When we arrived at church. I never watched their practice, I saw it in glance but not in full. Seeing her dance with someone else is eye-popping and nerve-wrecking. So, I stayed upstairs and talk with people ranged from 3 to infinity. Ahem, friendly. Haha.

Kuya Joel told me that I should not accept greetings anymore and that starting next year, will only accept gifts. Hahaha. Also, his daughter never stopped at teasing me and Jasmin. As well as the other elders in the church.

When dinner came, I told them to go upstairs while I stayed downstairs. I had this incredibly interesting chats with Charlie, Hacinth and Hazel. Namiss ko 'yung ganito. Pero nakakastress 'yung pinag-uusapan. -.-

The 'dry-run' went on and it's already late. Our supposed to be group dinner date were getting late.

It's a struggle. Not sure if lacking in prayer but surely, the enemy is trying to defeat us where in fact, he's the one who lose.

After waiting and waiting, the celebration continues. We decided to have dinner at Yellow Cab and as far as I remember this is the first time that I celebrate my birthday where pizza is on the table. It's a fun-short-last-minute-birthday-dinner. And I thank God for my friends!


Sa bawat pila, maraming napagusapan. Nakapaglaro pa nga ng asphalt at crossy road.
Nagtawanan at asaran. Inenjoy ang bawat segundo ng bawat pagkakataon.

Itong ganitong mga panahon ang palagi kong ipagpapasalamat. Masasayang sandali, may mapagusapan man o wala. Basta't magakasama. Walang humpay na ligaya.

Salamat. Maraming salamat Jasmin.


Lord, wala naman kasi akong ibang masabe eh, pambihirang pag-ibig, hindi ako tinantanan, hindi ako iniwanan. Salamat po sa isa pang taon na ibinigay Mo. Kaya pala tinawag kang Rock of my salvation kase You Rock! Salamat po sa plano Mo sa buhay ko. Medyo nalilito pa ko sa gusto Mong ipagawa sa'kin pero sabe nga nila, tiwala lang.

Tiwala, eto 'yung gamit-gamit ko sa araw-araw, sa bawat panalangin, Ikaw ang pinagkakatiwalaan, lalo na sa buhay ng mga taong malapit sa'kin.

Pero sa totoo lang, palagi kong naririnig na.. "Hindi sapat ang buhay ko upang pasalamatan ka sa lahat ng ginawa Mo sa'kin." Pero wala eh, iba ka. Kaya ayan din ang awit ko. Kulang ang lahat ng 'to kung Sa'yo ibibigay.

It's amazing how God required everything in us from the Old Testament and yet He's the One who gave us everything


All about her


Monday, November 09, 2015

I don't my life to be controlled by fears, but there are times where our minds gets disturbed by different kinds of fears and later will be turned into phobia. 

I have fears, lots of it, and I may look strong on the outside but no. To be honest, you are one of my greatest fears. I'm afraid that one day, your excitement towards me be lost forever and the love will be just a memory.  

I'm afraid that you'll notice my undesirable imperfection. That I'm not the guy that you'd ever dreamed of. And I'm not the one for you.. And you'll discover all my bad habits and bad attitude. and I'll be losing you. Or one day, I'll become a monster that you'll be afraid to.

I don't know how to overcome this fear, or if I'll want to overcome this fear. I fell in love with you so bad that it's so good to love you so, and it makes me worried about what will happen in the near future.

I don't want my life to be controlled by fears but, Perfect love cast out all fears. So, let's make this love perfect.

So, let's hold on to God in everything that we're facing. 


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