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Christmas Vlog

Friday, December 30, 2016

My Christmas Vlog feat. compiled raw video clips because amateur that's why.


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Team Loi Christmas Party

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last night was Team Loi's Christmas Party at a Condo in Taguig. It was definitely fun! We had funny games like eating banana and the picture something. I don't have the video of the games but it was the best of the night.


Work? Work!

RiGEEKulously Good

Thursday, December 22, 2016

After doing the Christmas shopping earlier that day, I went to TaskUs' [LizardBear Tasking Inc] year end party, with the theme, GEEK! 



Acoustic Bass

Sunday, December 18, 2016

After all of these years. I finally had my first bass guitar and it's an acoustic one. If you're asking why I just purchased this now is because, I don't know how to save money. That's why I started investing, and in this particular moment, I had extra to spend and it went here.

I purchased this four-stringed-acoustic-bass-guitar from Rj's and good thing they had this massive 50% off on all of their items. Great deal. I've waited for hours just to had this last piece from the store. Man, I'm blessed. 

So, why acoustic?
I was a trainee in our Music Ministry in our church few years back. I don't know anything about music or instrument. I joined them just to know where I could fit in and at the start, they told me to purchase a guitar and start from there. They said that I will never learn to be great in playing bass if I don't have one to practiced on. 

I borrowed a friend's guitar to practice and then watch video tutorials on YouTube and I found this Blog by Hillsong United's bassist. I fell in love instantly and that's the day that I wanted an acoustic bass guitar.

Now that I have one, I played all the songs that I can remember and of course, Solution is one of them. 


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Thursday, December 01, 2016

I really wanted to Vlog. Like taking it seriously. So, while waiting for my Canon Vixia Mini x. I practiced using my Lumia 640 XL. 

Last Tuesday, I celebrated my 24th Birthday. Yeah. It looks old but it doesn't feel like. Anyway, I've celebrate my day with my girlfriend and it's my 2nd birthday that we're together. 

Basically, what happened that day is in the Vlog/MV or something?

And I thank God for everything that He gave me. There are times that I'm not appreciative, but yeah. He's a good God and it's amazing. 

Cheers! High Five! Dubs! 


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23 And It's Fading

Monday, November 28, 2016


I'm listening to some good old music, Daphne love Derby. One of my favorite bands that I haven't seen the face, because music. That's what hooked me up. 

Well, their songs were full of emotions. Hearing those soft voice with an acoustic strum, man. Let's go back to the past and discover where it came from. 

Anyway, I'm starting to blabber once more. How are you? How's life? Hope that you're doing great. I hope that you're in the right place in this perfect time. 

There are days that seems unproductive and can be forgotten. Today, is one of those days. It's slowly fades away. Tomorrow's another day. 


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I decided to play with the beat of the song in this video and fill the blank spaces with photos and videos. Some parts has nothing and is yet to be filled out. Because we're still on the process of filling out those gaps.


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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm working on adding labels to my blog for an easy research to the past and I pause for a moment because I'm getting inspired by my own blog, I mean, I sometimes get inspiration to 'create something' when watching my videos, viewing my photoshopped pictures and reading my old blogs. 

I gave my best in some of it and I think, I did great, well, in my own point of view. And yes, reading and watching those "I've created" fuels me to add more to the collection of my creations.

I'm not be the best in this field that I want but I guess it's not about competing, it's about making something. Just like the greatest movie of all time, yes, it's nothing, because any movie cannot compete with every movie and label it as the best. We appreciate beauty and art differently and there will be no movie on top of any other.

Hero movies

I recently watched superhero movies and it's amazing. But you know what, if you ask me which is my favorite of them all, I'll give you this..

I like spiderman but he can't fly, so I'd go with iron man, he can fly however, Iron man is a machine so I don't think he's a super hero with legit super power, maybe I'd go with Thor and with his amazing hammer but Thor is a god and I don't think he would fit the team. 

And it goes on.. antman.. and on.. deadpool.. and on..

Because.. You can't have it all.


Let's Travel

Spark Hundred Island

Thursday, November 03, 2016

It was this Lantern Scene, in the movie Tangled when I learned about Sky Lanterns. Ever since, I never stopped searching about it, I tried online shops but they sell hundreds of pieces. Well, I only need 2 and to be flown by my birthday.

Well, many days have passed, including birthday and new year and I found none. I haven't tried flying one. Still on my wishlist for the longest time.

So, now, there was this event called SPARK Hundred Island. 

Glowing Balloons | Sky  Lanterns | Fire Dancers | Live Band | Dance Party | Fireworks | 
Good thing, her team booked it and sabit ako!.

So, after the JIL's 38th year anniversary. Umuwi lang kami saglit ni Jas sa bahay para magshower something and we went straight to our meeting place.. SM MOA SMX Parking lot. 

From there, I met her teammates and finally, I met those people who she always talk about. It was nice meeting them. Nung nandun na kame sa tourist bus. Well, kwentuhan saglit kase kelangan na magpahinga. Nakatulog ako sa byahe. Si Jasmin, hindi mashado kase nagigising gising siya. Inaaway pa ko. Hahaha! :|

Umalis kame around 4am at nakarating sa Pangasinan around 11am. Nagbreakfast lang kame and we went boating, visiting one island to another and another and take pictures and videos and had fun, of course.

When we went back to the main island, we showered and eat some street foods and eat real food, at Dinner and waited for the Spark event to start.

Ballons with LED light.

Sky Lanterns.


It's about Jesus!

JIL38 New Beginnings

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

My home church, the Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide, is now.. 38 years old. Well, it's amazing how God use this church to reach out millions of people not only in the Philippines but, as the Church's name declares, worldwide.

If you haven't heard about it (which every JIL people should know by now), JILCW started with a bible study with just 15 college students from PUP where the Spiritual Director, Bro. Eddie Villanueva was teaching. It grows rapidly to the point where on it's 10th year anniversary, they're able to fill Araneta Coliseum (with 16,500 seating capacity) and as I remember, where I attended the 21st anniversary, it was held at Luneta Granstand, it was claimed that we're at millions. 

To put that into perspective, our local JIL Church is about to celebrate it's 26th year anniversary and we're less than 5, 000 active members. 


Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. Celebrating his birthday with JIL's anniversary

The toss coin queen is here.

Former Congaressman, former TESDA director General, Senator of the republic of the Philippines and always been our Kristyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan Chairman, Joel Villanueva

Praise and Worship

Bro. Eddie Villanueva delivers the message of the night



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The End is Where We Begin

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maybe you know our story, or maybe not. But, you know what, I cannot believe that I'll have a story to tell. That's why I can't stop thanking God for what He has done for us. Well, there's always hope. 

I still remember the day that she caught my eye, I felt like a statue. I can't help myself smiling every time this memory passes by. She's teaching the kids some dance steps when I caught myself gazing magically. 

After few moments, I argue with myself because this should not be happening. Everything took place unexpectedly. I asked myself some questions that pushes me to stay away because my feelings might be temporary. I start asking God to filter my heart and mind and reveal unto me my real intention. And somehow, there's something that tells me to pursue friendship with her. 

I asked myself genuine questions.. Why do I like her? What do I want from her? What's my plan? And the list goes on.. and on.. There's too many questions to answer. Everything seems complicated

I crumpled all those questions and leave with one: Is she the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with? At that time, I'm not sure. Why? Because..

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9

So, I asked the One who can give me an absolute answer. In His amazingly mysterious ways, He showed me how to love. He revealed His plan and said..

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

And we just celebrated our first year. 


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One Year

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Today is a very special day. It's our 367th day as partners. Who would have thought? Again, this is the time where I should be saying sweet and cheesy message but I cannot. For some reasons, I'm getting speechless again. I'll just let the word flows while I'm listening to some groove. Or maybe, I'll share our anniversary date. Hmm. Well, I think that's a great idea. 

Early in the morning, I went to her house to make some sundo because we have a day to spend together. I really don't know the plan, because I don't have any, all I know is this day should be cherished. 

I have a deep plan but for reasons like: Money, time and everything. My plan didn't work out well. So, we glued ourselves to our last choice.. Tagaytay. And it wasn't a bad idea after all.

We went to Tagaytay in the late morning and the weather is perfect, the storm just went away and it's not that cold. 

Our first stop is at the Peoples Park In The Sky.

We walked around, sharing our stories and enjoying the view and the breeze but all we want is lunch. So, dumaan lang talaga kame dito. Hahaha!

So, we searched for a place to eat. Take note, ang mahal ng pamasahe dito. Though may Jeep na nadaan na mas mura, pero madalas kase, tricycle ang nanjan. Alin ba pipiliin mo, yung pinaghihintay ka o yung nandyan na all this time? 

Picnic Grove

Sobrang tagal naming magisip ng makakainan, in the end, nagbulalo kame. Syempre, Tagaytay = Bulalo. Hahaha! Plus sisig pa. Matapos namin ienjoy ang mainit na bulalo. Nagpahinga kame sandali sa restaurant and nagpunta na ng Picnic Grove. 

Sa entrance palang ang lakas na magyaya ni ate maghorseback riding. Ang mahal mga friends. ₱350 isang kabayo, di naman pwedeng dalawa kame sa isang kabayo, kawawa naman. Hahhaha! Kaya kumuha kameng 2. N akakatakot sa una, hirap magbalance pero mabilis lang naman masanay. 

Horseback riding

Tapos, tinuruan din kameng kontrolin yung kabayo, to the left and right at nagkarera pa kame ni Jasmin. Hahaha! Di namin tinapos yung 1 hour na renta because it's masakit sa pwet na you know. So bumaba na kame at tiningnan yung pictures namin kay kuya, kumikitang kabuhayan dito bes. 100 kaagad yung pictures. San ka. XD

Nagstay lang kame sa Picnic Grove para sa views and everything. At eto yung pictures namin na nahihilo kame. HAHAHAHHA!

Gusto sana naming magStarbucks, balita ko kase maganda magstarbucks at the top. Kaso, magskyranch pa kame, try lang.

Sky Ranch

- Sky Cruiser - Yung magpepedal ka sa railroad ng roller coster. 
- Lobster Pot - Yung hagisang bola na ubos pera.
- Sky Eye - This is where she handed me the Blue Magic bag that she's carrying since we left her home. Nahiya ako bigla. Panis ang regalo nya sa'kin tapos ako walang regalo. :( She's giving me hints about her gift, di ko alam tawag dun pero puno siya ng creativity and pictures namin and of course. With her love. Keenes, nahihiya siya sa regalo niya with all her excuses, kase daw ganto, kulang sa oras, rush nya ginawa pero ako walang regalong katulad nun. But I'll make bawi. Don't me. 

It's an amazing gift. Filled with love. I felt that I am deeply loved. Di lang basta basta love 'to. I see her effort to make me smile, - I mean happy. I'm already happy just being with her but she makes it more meaningful with her gift. 

Before we go home, we searched for some pineapple. Because Tagaytay is the place. :)

It's our simple way of celebrating our anniversary. What I realize today is I really wanted to explore the world with her and that I love her so much. Hayy. :)


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1'm Speech7ess

Monday, October 17, 2016

How can I admit that sometimes words are not enough?
When the one thing that I thought I'm good at starts to function indecently.
And when the words bolted out, what is the remedy?

Turning to some crazy-and-overly-cheesy-love-songs will do

Because I admit, it stirs up the sentiments stored in my soul
Then, the panting for romance transcends beyond what I think I can cover
That it produce something in my chest that makes a drummer inside of me detonate

Because words are not enough to utter what engenders my speechlessness

Maybe I can use the most simple and most common words to express all of these 
And just blend it all up with sincerity in the most prominent one

For you gave love unconditionally. Who would think that there is someone that will love me beyond condition. I don't know how did I qualify in at least, one of your choices.
I simply don't deserve this. Yes, I don't.

Astonishing, this is how I describe the steps that I took on my way to your eye. 
Looking back I know that she's out of my league and I'm out of my mind
I tried drawing near until my mind reached it's blind spot
To the point that I'm not sure what it will bring, some pain? Sorrow? Sleepless nights? Brokenness? Emptiness? 

I'm sure that when I was wooing her, I'm really out of my mind. Well, maybe because I'm really using my heart. 

Who would have thought? We're celebrating our 1 year today. 

Happy 1st anniversary! Mahaba pa ang lakbayin natin. Well, you know what, I truly believe that you are God's gift to me, a package worth owning and keeping for life and I know that my life will be extremely beautiful because I have you here with me. 

I remember the time when she called me "Bebs".
"Hallelujah" is my battle cry. 


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When to speak up?

Sunday, October 09, 2016

I have this simple question inside me for a long time. 

All I ask is when to speak up

when to stand up and express what you feel?
Is it when its too late, or too early.
And how would you know that it's too late or too early?
When is the perfect time?

Because we're afraid.
We're worried for the result.
We're so afraid of the conclusion in the end
that is all present just in our head.


Let's Travel

Masungi Georeserve

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just few days before my anniversary at TaskUs, a team building just appeared. Tadaah!
Dalawang beses na kaming nagplano magBaler. Di natuloy parehas. So, biglaang pa-book ang naging solusyon namin sa team building naming di matuloy-tuloy. Di naming alam kung bakit di kame matuloy sa baler, pero tanggap na namin dre.

It was at start of shift when they planned for an adventure at Masungi Georeserve. I was goofy during those moments and I’m not even listening carefully at the plan, then they booked it.

I don’t know what to do. I’m not interested in the activity and I’m afraid of heights. Plus, I declined my girl when she asked me to go with her at that rope-filled-place. And one of my close teammate cannot go with us for some reasons. Yeah. I hated those parts. Dapat lahat ng gusto, makasama. Sayang eh.

Then, guilt almost ate me whole. May problema. Dahil sa ginawa ko, kulang sila. I’m broke, I’m torn apart, so I talked to my girl, Jassiee and asked her to come with me. I expressed my sincere apology and share my excitement. What a turn of events, she agreed, my closest teammates are on the go, we have a driver and we’re on our way to Masungi Georeserve.

Jasmin and I, started the day at 12:30am. We went home together to prepare the clothes and the food assigned to us. Took a short nap and we’re on our way at the meeting place, Guadalupe.

We’re 1 hour early, so I let her nap at Jollibee while we’re waiting for others. Well, of course, the lates. Can’t blame anyone simply because it’s part of any team building.
After waiting for another few moments, I can feel my sweaty hands being in nerve and my mind in pain. Am I really going to do this?

Everyone is trying to convince me to be strong in front of bebs. But I cannot. She’s stronger than me and I love the way that she accepts my fears and laugh at it. -.-


We arrived at the place too early. So, here’s what happened:

We had our lunch and our initial picture taking. We’re few moments away from the ropes and there’s no more long waits because here we are, at Masungi Georeserve.

So, Carlo, Weng, Ada, Marj, Ann, Jojo, Jassiee and Jabes starts their adventure.
From Stage 1 – Stage 2 – Nanay – Tatay – Gusto – Kong – UMUWI NAAA! HUHU. ANG TAAS! NAKAKATAKOT. KAYA KO BA ‘TO?!

Mashaya siya, promise. Halo-halong excitement, kaba, pagkamangha. Ang galing ng pagkakagawa. It’s one of the great adventures with your pals. Naramdaman naming mabilad sa araw at maulanan, umakyat – baba, tumulay, humakbang ng may kaba at magpanggap matapang (Lalo na ako). Pumasok din kame sa cave, pinadaloy sa mukha ang tubig galing sa kalangitan, nagawa ding magtawanan at magbiruan sa kabila ng halos 5 oras na adventure. Yung 1.5k plus fare and food is totally worth it.

Medyo kulang yung pamVlog ko, kasi nalock sa zipper ng bulsa ko yung phone ko in the middle of the trip. I had fun, I haven’t totally overcome my fears just yet but during those moments, I feel free.

Thanks for staying!


Work? Work!

Hi there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. Let me share something.

We all have that special moment where you feel that you want to appreciate something. And for me, this is a special moment. You see, when I met you guys, I wasn’t expecting anything, but for sure, I don’t know what to do. During the early days, I’m afraid, I don’t know anyone, and I’m full of what ifs.

What if we don’t get along? What if there will be some compatibility problems. What if I’m not really qualified to do the things that were assigned to me?
I have some issues. That’s sure.

So, during breaks and lunch times, I eat alone and do stuffs alone. I even walk around BGC to pass time and I re-evaluate what’s happening. Will I ever be happy with this new team? I’m missing my old team. 

I met you one by one; I talked to you during coaching and tried to sneak myself in your circle. I know that I’ll fail. But I didn’t fail entirely. I also succeed. So, to those who welcomed me and invited me in, thank you.

To my teammates that have weird-mixes-of-everything, you know who you are. I just want to say that because of you, I felt some freedom, I became confident to share who I am, that *sebajisoka and this is my story; you took me out of my shell. You guys are the reason why I’m still in the company.

I’m so thankful that you are my teammates, thanks to all the fun and the laughter. To all the nagging and bullying and the teasing, I look forward for more adventures with you. Thanks for the pump. Thanks for trusting me. Thanks for calling me friend – for showing me that we’re close – for sharing your problems and sharing your life hacks and tips. For laughing at my jokes, for sharing your time (let’s just assume that you have a choice). For asking me if I wanted to be your kuya, for being pasaway, for all.

I just want to express my appreciation because tomorrow maybe it’s too late, because some of you have plans of leaving, I wanted you guys to stay because I just met the best team, but yeah, I know that you have your dream jobs and other life goals. I wish you all the best pursuing those things; I just can’t contain the sadness and the feeling of missing someone in the team. Am I being clingy? Haha! Anyway, Iloveyouguys and I mean it. 
Until next time? I hope that you’re still here and if so, I appreciate the time you spent here. 

Let me know if you need anything.


Concert Scenes

Youth Revival in Manila [Hillsong Young and Free]

Monday, June 06, 2016

All I can say is I'm lost for words. I'm still have hangover from last night's concert then this. Writing this blog is a big time challenge. 

Same as yesterday, Jasmin and I decided to went early to find some comfortable seats. We're actually at Araneta 2 hours before. So, we had some snacks. To be honest, seing the stage fasion of this concert disappoints me. I've been through Hillsong United concert and the stage is jaw-dropping, this design is not Hillsongs, I thought. 

Then, there goes the intro, we had some hosts that just drop by to say Hi and giveaway some shirts and teach us some dance steps. The Ha - Hammur (Hat - Hammer) dance step. It's fun, they're fun. No wonder why they were called Young and Free.

The concert starts with This is Living. One thing I realized is this place is dark, the light is in the stage, all the those colorful lights. There's no lyric/video on the big screen above and it makes it even darker. 

There's a reason for this, I now see their effort and creative juices. The stage is really astonishing and with those wonderful lights, they shocked me. This is a call, we can serve and give glory to God with the skills and the talent that we have. He gave us creativity to worship Him.

Here's their line up.

I found this online, credits to the owner.
All I can say is this is a Youthful worship and indeed, gave us revival, a revival in our hearts that we hope that will go through our nation. There's truly no place than this. A place of worship. OMG, my heart explodes. 

A video posted by Hillsong Young & Free (@hillsongyoungandfree) on

//HillsongYoungAndFree//YouthRevival //sebajisoka

Concert Scenes

Citipointe Live in Manila

Monday, June 06, 2016

After months of excitement, it all comes down to this day. The much awaited return of Citipointe in Manila, which was held at CCF Center Pasig. As I've observe, it shows that the Concert part is the culmination of CCF's event called Move. 

Jasmin and I got an Uber to find CCF center. We found the place and decided to sneak in the building, then later decided to have our Mirienda/Dinner, we ate at Classic Savory and zip some coffee from Starbucks. Then waited in the Auditorium until the concert starts.

I've been listening to every album of Citipointe since they announced their concert here. And to be honest, I'm not familliar with the new songs, eventually, after listening to the album on repeat, it gave me some insights and a call of worship through their songs, basically I'm blessed and I got myself familiar with their tune.

Then the concert starts, or should I say, Worship?

They opened the night with Into The Deep action, which made me realize how awesome this night would be. 

Then it goes on with couple of their new songs, then the classics, Into the deep to Burning Bright to Commission My Soul and Higher + Wider + Deeper. They also a special song that they've wrote here in the Philippines during their last visit, if I'm not mistaken, it's Heart Open Wide.

This is a great time of worship. God really used these people to lift Him up. Their testimony inspired us, we're blessed. 

And of course, ending the concert here in the Philippines is not easy and it's a bet. After their set, they came back with couple of more songs. God used them to add flames in our hearts in worship.

What a great night indeed.



Senador Joel Villanueva

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mom and Dad woke me up as early as 6am to vote. I quickly ran to the wash room and prepare for this election. My eyes were still broken in half as we walk to our precints but I'm ready to vote. It's a bit long line here in this classroom but I thought about a little sacrifice that I can provide for my country.

I casted my vote. I saw the receipt and review it, and I'm done.

I voted for, of course, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano for Vice President, CIBAC for Partylist..

And for Senator?

But who is Joel Villanueva? 

  • He is an ex-basketball player
  • UST Graduate - Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree, major in Economics
  • Harvard Graduate - Graduate study in Business Administration
  • PUP Graduate - Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa
  • TESDA Graduate - Barista
  • Gawad Dangal ng Lipi for Public Service Awardee
  • DEVEX Manila 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders Awardee
  • Most Outstanding Alumni Awardee (UST)
  • Assistant Majority Floor Leader
  • Deputy Minority Leader
  • Youngest and first partylist representative for Commission on Appointments
  • 9-year Congressman for CIBAC (Citizen's Battle Against Curruption)
  • 5-year Director General of TESDA

His Accomplishments in House of Representative
  • Anti-Red Tape Act
  • RA No. 9184, which called for a modernized, standardized and regulated procurement process to help root out corruption.
  • He also worked hard in calling for additional incentives for members of the Public Attorney's Office to boost their effort in providing free and quality legal assistance to the poor.
  • Joel also distinguished himself in the landmark legislation that established a comprehensive juvenile justice and welfare system under the auspices of the Department of Justice.
  • He also sponsored the law on absentee voting, which provided an opportunity for Filipinos abroad to exercise their right to vote. He supported the Senior Citizens' Act to provide additional privileges to the elderly who spent their years working and serving the public.

His accomplishments in TESDA

  • 10 Million Trainees
  • 9 Million Graduates
  • 72% Employment rate from TESDA Grads
  • ISO Certified, first in Education Sector

That's a mouthful list of titles and accomplishments. But I know this man differently from the others. He's one of my inspiration when it comes to leadership, he will always be the KKB(Kristyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan) Chairman, our KKB Chairman, he taught us to love God and Country and showed us how us, youths, can make a wave and an impact to this world.

2016 Elections

After I voted for those people that I think deserved a seat in the government, I sleep, and later be ready for work. Then, few hours later, I'm so busy at work, our lunch break came in and gave me a sneak peak of what's happening in the election results.

It's amazing, this view gave my eyes some sort of salty water, and I was ordering food at pantry. I can't hide it, I was electrified of what I saw. The KKB movement has a representative in the Senate. May KKB na sa SENADO, and I'm so proud of what I'm seeing. 

Then, flashbacks came, after all the campaign practices from previous elections for Bro. Eddie Villanueva in 2004, 2010 (President) and 2013 (Senate) we've finally reached victory. It makes me cry up until now as I realize the sacrifices of many just to elect a God-fearing-nation-loving man of God.

It really amazes me just thinking how God did it all. There's indeed a season for everything. Now, the Former Congressman, Former Director General, a KKB Chairman is now a Senator. To God be the Glory!

//KKBsMagIngay //sebajisoka

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