It's not a THROWBACK, It's ....

Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 is the most novel year for me. There are things that is so unusual but let's look back into it. And by the way, It's not a THROWBACK, It's ....

New year with this Family and Jassie took the picture. Haha

VenInoSo De MeSuTo Mini Reunion.

Serenade - Ate Joanne's Birthday Concert
Hacinth's Birthday Treat

Youth Gatherings


DVBS 2015

Church Outing

Music 21

Sunken Gatherting with this cute little children.

Youth Gathering
Because burgers, because Zark's
Worship Services

5 long years to VDM! Cheers! :D
MOA Eye beybe!
UnliBreaks and Grabs!
Officemates turned into Teammates

Team Lunch with Teammates!
MIBF 2015!
Her Birthday!
JIL 37th Anniversary!
Birthday with TF's

Birthday with her at Enchanted Kingdom

JIL Muntinlupa 25th Anniversary!
Exchange Gifts with teammates.
Christmas Shopping!
Guitar! :D

This year is different. It's record-breaking, it's epic and it's astonishing. 
I'm so thankful for everything. What an amazing journey.
But again, It's not a THROWBACK, It's .... 


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