2016 Election Bets

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Few days away to the 2016 Election. There will be lots of changes in the upcoming months. Not just a new president, new government officials but new policies as well, new leadership and voters will surely hope for a change. A good change, a change that everyone will encounter.

Yes, it is true that change must start from us. Disiplina sa pagtawid sa kalsada kahit di pa pwede? Iaasa pa ba natin sa pangulo yan? Pagtapon ng basura sa tamang basurahan gusto pa nating iasa sa kanila. Mga simpleng bagay na kaya na nating gawin, tayo na ang gumawa. Di na dapat tayo nakikisali dun sa mahabang listahan ng pasaway na pinoy.

But anyway, eto ang mga Presidential Candidates: 

And I'll vote for Duterte. Why?

I have uncles who lives in Davao. We have a very positive remarks in regards to his leadership. Accomplishment in Davao? We can ask for a list. I mean, we need this man for this country and I think he's the most qualified candidate to be the president (Respect to Sen. Miriam). Sen. Miriam is very intelligent, some claims that if Duterte didn't run for President, Duterte supporters will support Miriam. But not me, I don't think I'll do that. This is an opinion, by the way. There's this moment in an interview that shows her as blasphemous, here I found the clip: 

Grace Poe does great as well and Jejomar Binay and Mar Roxas. They all can compete for the position. But we need to have a leader that can do it NOW. 

For Vice President, I'll go with Alan Peter Cayetano. Simply because, he's the one Rodrigo Duterte needs. If duterte will listen to anyone, it would be Cayetano, for sure.

Senator? Long list, my friend, but my vote will be on Joel Villanueva. Not just of what he did to KKBs (Kristyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan) as our Chairman. As I was one of the leaders that looks up to him for what he did for the Youth, how he handle us and introduce us more of God. He's a great leader. I can also back him up with his accomplishment at CIBAC partylist and of course, who would forget TESDA?

There's also other senator that I think is qualifies for the position, there's Dick Gordon, Greco Belgica (A Pastor) and Manny Pacquaio.
Vote wisely my friends! :)

PS: Jasmin, no worries! Ikaw pa din ang presidente ng buhay ko. HAHAHAHAHAHA


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