Senador Joel Villanueva

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mom and Dad woke me up as early as 6am to vote. I quickly ran to the wash room and prepare for this election. My eyes were still broken in half as we walk to our precints but I'm ready to vote. It's a bit long line here in this classroom but I thought about a little sacrifice that I can provide for my country.

I casted my vote. I saw the receipt and review it, and I'm done.

I voted for, of course, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano for Vice President, CIBAC for Partylist..

And for Senator?

But who is Joel Villanueva? 

  • He is an ex-basketball player
  • UST Graduate - Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree, major in Economics
  • Harvard Graduate - Graduate study in Business Administration
  • PUP Graduate - Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa
  • TESDA Graduate - Barista
  • Gawad Dangal ng Lipi for Public Service Awardee
  • DEVEX Manila 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders Awardee
  • Most Outstanding Alumni Awardee (UST)
  • Assistant Majority Floor Leader
  • Deputy Minority Leader
  • Youngest and first partylist representative for Commission on Appointments
  • 9-year Congressman for CIBAC (Citizen's Battle Against Curruption)
  • 5-year Director General of TESDA

His Accomplishments in House of Representative
  • Anti-Red Tape Act
  • RA No. 9184, which called for a modernized, standardized and regulated procurement process to help root out corruption.
  • He also worked hard in calling for additional incentives for members of the Public Attorney's Office to boost their effort in providing free and quality legal assistance to the poor.
  • Joel also distinguished himself in the landmark legislation that established a comprehensive juvenile justice and welfare system under the auspices of the Department of Justice.
  • He also sponsored the law on absentee voting, which provided an opportunity for Filipinos abroad to exercise their right to vote. He supported the Senior Citizens' Act to provide additional privileges to the elderly who spent their years working and serving the public.

His accomplishments in TESDA

  • 10 Million Trainees
  • 9 Million Graduates
  • 72% Employment rate from TESDA Grads
  • ISO Certified, first in Education Sector

That's a mouthful list of titles and accomplishments. But I know this man differently from the others. He's one of my inspiration when it comes to leadership, he will always be the KKB(Kristyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan) Chairman, our KKB Chairman, he taught us to love God and Country and showed us how us, youths, can make a wave and an impact to this world.

2016 Elections

After I voted for those people that I think deserved a seat in the government, I sleep, and later be ready for work. Then, few hours later, I'm so busy at work, our lunch break came in and gave me a sneak peak of what's happening in the election results.

It's amazing, this view gave my eyes some sort of salty water, and I was ordering food at pantry. I can't hide it, I was electrified of what I saw. The KKB movement has a representative in the Senate. May KKB na sa SENADO, and I'm so proud of what I'm seeing. 

Then, flashbacks came, after all the campaign practices from previous elections for Bro. Eddie Villanueva in 2004, 2010 (President) and 2013 (Senate) we've finally reached victory. It makes me cry up until now as I realize the sacrifices of many just to elect a God-fearing-nation-loving man of God.

It really amazes me just thinking how God did it all. There's indeed a season for everything. Now, the Former Congressman, Former Director General, a KKB Chairman is now a Senator. To God be the Glory!

//KKBsMagIngay //sebajisoka

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