Citipointe Live in Manila

Monday, June 06, 2016

After months of excitement, it all comes down to this day. The much awaited return of Citipointe in Manila, which was held at CCF Center Pasig. As I've observe, it shows that the Concert part is the culmination of CCF's event called Move. 

Jasmin and I got an Uber to find CCF center. We found the place and decided to sneak in the building, then later decided to have our Mirienda/Dinner, we ate at Classic Savory and zip some coffee from Starbucks. Then waited in the Auditorium until the concert starts.

I've been listening to every album of Citipointe since they announced their concert here. And to be honest, I'm not familliar with the new songs, eventually, after listening to the album on repeat, it gave me some insights and a call of worship through their songs, basically I'm blessed and I got myself familiar with their tune.

Then the concert starts, or should I say, Worship?

They opened the night with Into The Deep action, which made me realize how awesome this night would be. 

Then it goes on with couple of their new songs, then the classics, Into the deep to Burning Bright to Commission My Soul and Higher + Wider + Deeper. They also a special song that they've wrote here in the Philippines during their last visit, if I'm not mistaken, it's Heart Open Wide.

This is a great time of worship. God really used these people to lift Him up. Their testimony inspired us, we're blessed. 

And of course, ending the concert here in the Philippines is not easy and it's a bet. After their set, they came back with couple of more songs. God used them to add flames in our hearts in worship.

What a great night indeed.


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