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The End is Where We Begin

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maybe you know our story, or maybe not. But, you know what, I cannot believe that I'll have a story to tell. That's why I can't stop thanking God for what He has done for us. Well, there's always hope. 

I still remember the day that she caught my eye, I felt like a statue. I can't help myself smiling every time this memory passes by. She's teaching the kids some dance steps when I caught myself gazing magically. 

After few moments, I argue with myself because this should not be happening. Everything took place unexpectedly. I asked myself some questions that pushes me to stay away because my feelings might be temporary. I start asking God to filter my heart and mind and reveal unto me my real intention. And somehow, there's something that tells me to pursue friendship with her. 

I asked myself genuine questions.. Why do I like her? What do I want from her? What's my plan? And the list goes on.. and on.. There's too many questions to answer. Everything seems complicated

I crumpled all those questions and leave with one: Is she the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with? At that time, I'm not sure. Why? Because..

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9

So, I asked the One who can give me an absolute answer. In His amazingly mysterious ways, He showed me how to love. He revealed His plan and said..

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

And we just celebrated our first year. 


All about her

One Year

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Today is a very special day. It's our 367th day as partners. Who would have thought? Again, this is the time where I should be saying sweet and cheesy message but I cannot. For some reasons, I'm getting speechless again. I'll just let the word flows while I'm listening to some groove. Or maybe, I'll share our anniversary date. Hmm. Well, I think that's a great idea. 

Early in the morning, I went to her house to make some sundo because we have a day to spend together. I really don't know the plan, because I don't have any, all I know is this day should be cherished. 

I have a deep plan but for reasons like: Money, time and everything. My plan didn't work out well. So, we glued ourselves to our last choice.. Tagaytay. And it wasn't a bad idea after all.

We went to Tagaytay in the late morning and the weather is perfect, the storm just went away and it's not that cold. 

Our first stop is at the Peoples Park In The Sky.

We walked around, sharing our stories and enjoying the view and the breeze but all we want is lunch. So, dumaan lang talaga kame dito. Hahaha!

So, we searched for a place to eat. Take note, ang mahal ng pamasahe dito. Though may Jeep na nadaan na mas mura, pero madalas kase, tricycle ang nanjan. Alin ba pipiliin mo, yung pinaghihintay ka o yung nandyan na all this time? 

Picnic Grove

Sobrang tagal naming magisip ng makakainan, in the end, nagbulalo kame. Syempre, Tagaytay = Bulalo. Hahaha! Plus sisig pa. Matapos namin ienjoy ang mainit na bulalo. Nagpahinga kame sandali sa restaurant and nagpunta na ng Picnic Grove. 

Sa entrance palang ang lakas na magyaya ni ate maghorseback riding. Ang mahal mga friends. ₱350 isang kabayo, di naman pwedeng dalawa kame sa isang kabayo, kawawa naman. Hahhaha! Kaya kumuha kameng 2. N akakatakot sa una, hirap magbalance pero mabilis lang naman masanay. 

Horseback riding

Tapos, tinuruan din kameng kontrolin yung kabayo, to the left and right at nagkarera pa kame ni Jasmin. Hahaha! Di namin tinapos yung 1 hour na renta because it's masakit sa pwet na you know. So bumaba na kame at tiningnan yung pictures namin kay kuya, kumikitang kabuhayan dito bes. 100 kaagad yung pictures. San ka. XD

Nagstay lang kame sa Picnic Grove para sa views and everything. At eto yung pictures namin na nahihilo kame. HAHAHAHHA!

Gusto sana naming magStarbucks, balita ko kase maganda magstarbucks at the top. Kaso, magskyranch pa kame, try lang.

Sky Ranch

- Sky Cruiser - Yung magpepedal ka sa railroad ng roller coster. 
- Lobster Pot - Yung hagisang bola na ubos pera.
- Sky Eye - This is where she handed me the Blue Magic bag that she's carrying since we left her home. Nahiya ako bigla. Panis ang regalo nya sa'kin tapos ako walang regalo. :( She's giving me hints about her gift, di ko alam tawag dun pero puno siya ng creativity and pictures namin and of course. With her love. Keenes, nahihiya siya sa regalo niya with all her excuses, kase daw ganto, kulang sa oras, rush nya ginawa pero ako walang regalong katulad nun. But I'll make bawi. Don't me. 

It's an amazing gift. Filled with love. I felt that I am deeply loved. Di lang basta basta love 'to. I see her effort to make me smile, - I mean happy. I'm already happy just being with her but she makes it more meaningful with her gift. 

Before we go home, we searched for some pineapple. Because Tagaytay is the place. :)

It's our simple way of celebrating our anniversary. What I realize today is I really wanted to explore the world with her and that I love her so much. Hayy. :)


All about her

1'm Speech7ess

Monday, October 17, 2016

How can I admit that sometimes words are not enough?
When the one thing that I thought I'm good at starts to function indecently.
And when the words bolted out, what is the remedy?

Turning to some crazy-and-overly-cheesy-love-songs will do

Because I admit, it stirs up the sentiments stored in my soul
Then, the panting for romance transcends beyond what I think I can cover
That it produce something in my chest that makes a drummer inside of me detonate

Because words are not enough to utter what engenders my speechlessness

Maybe I can use the most simple and most common words to express all of these 
And just blend it all up with sincerity in the most prominent one

For you gave love unconditionally. Who would think that there is someone that will love me beyond condition. I don't know how did I qualify in at least, one of your choices.
I simply don't deserve this. Yes, I don't.

Astonishing, this is how I describe the steps that I took on my way to your eye. 
Looking back I know that she's out of my league and I'm out of my mind
I tried drawing near until my mind reached it's blind spot
To the point that I'm not sure what it will bring, some pain? Sorrow? Sleepless nights? Brokenness? Emptiness? 

I'm sure that when I was wooing her, I'm really out of my mind. Well, maybe because I'm really using my heart. 

Who would have thought? We're celebrating our 1 year today. 

Happy 1st anniversary! Mahaba pa ang lakbayin natin. Well, you know what, I truly believe that you are God's gift to me, a package worth owning and keeping for life and I know that my life will be extremely beautiful because I have you here with me. 

I remember the time when she called me "Bebs".
"Hallelujah" is my battle cry. 


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When to speak up?

Sunday, October 09, 2016

I have this simple question inside me for a long time. 

All I ask is when to speak up

when to stand up and express what you feel?
Is it when its too late, or too early.
And how would you know that it's too late or too early?
When is the perfect time?

Because we're afraid.
We're worried for the result.
We're so afraid of the conclusion in the end
that is all present just in our head.


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