1'm Speech7ess

Monday, October 17, 2016

How can I admit that sometimes words are not enough?
When the one thing that I thought I'm good at starts to function indecently.
And when the words bolted out, what is the remedy?

Turning to some crazy-and-overly-cheesy-love-songs will do

Because I admit, it stirs up the sentiments stored in my soul
Then, the panting for romance transcends beyond what I think I can cover
That it produce something in my chest that makes a drummer inside of me detonate

Because words are not enough to utter what engenders my speechlessness

Maybe I can use the most simple and most common words to express all of these 
And just blend it all up with sincerity in the most prominent one

For you gave love unconditionally. Who would think that there is someone that will love me beyond condition. I don't know how did I qualify in at least, one of your choices.
I simply don't deserve this. Yes, I don't.

Astonishing, this is how I describe the steps that I took on my way to your eye. 
Looking back I know that she's out of my league and I'm out of my mind
I tried drawing near until my mind reached it's blind spot
To the point that I'm not sure what it will bring, some pain? Sorrow? Sleepless nights? Brokenness? Emptiness? 

I'm sure that when I was wooing her, I'm really out of my mind. Well, maybe because I'm really using my heart. 

Who would have thought? We're celebrating our 1 year today. 

Happy 1st anniversary! Mahaba pa ang lakbayin natin. Well, you know what, I truly believe that you are God's gift to me, a package worth owning and keeping for life and I know that my life will be extremely beautiful because I have you here with me. 

I remember the time when she called me "Bebs".
"Hallelujah" is my battle cry. 


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