Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm working on adding labels to my blog for an easy research to the past and I pause for a moment because I'm getting inspired by my own blog, I mean, I sometimes get inspiration to 'create something' when watching my videos, viewing my photoshopped pictures and reading my old blogs. 

I gave my best in some of it and I think, I did great, well, in my own point of view. And yes, reading and watching those "I've created" fuels me to add more to the collection of my creations.

I'm not be the best in this field that I want but I guess it's not about competing, it's about making something. Just like the greatest movie of all time, yes, it's nothing, because any movie cannot compete with every movie and label it as the best. We appreciate beauty and art differently and there will be no movie on top of any other.

Hero movies

I recently watched superhero movies and it's amazing. But you know what, if you ask me which is my favorite of them all, I'll give you this..

I like spiderman but he can't fly, so I'd go with iron man, he can fly however, Iron man is a machine so I don't think he's a super hero with legit super power, maybe I'd go with Thor and with his amazing hammer but Thor is a god and I don't think he would fit the team. 

And it goes on.. antman.. and on.. deadpool.. and on..

Because.. You can't have it all.


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