Spark Hundred Island

Thursday, November 03, 2016

It was this Lantern Scene, in the movie Tangled when I learned about Sky Lanterns. Ever since, I never stopped searching about it, I tried online shops but they sell hundreds of pieces. Well, I only need 2 and to be flown by my birthday.

Well, many days have passed, including birthday and new year and I found none. I haven't tried flying one. Still on my wishlist for the longest time.

So, now, there was this event called SPARK Hundred Island. 

Glowing Balloons | Sky  Lanterns | Fire Dancers | Live Band | Dance Party | Fireworks | 
Good thing, her team booked it and sabit ako!.

So, after the JIL's 38th year anniversary. Umuwi lang kami saglit ni Jas sa bahay para magshower something and we went straight to our meeting place.. SM MOA SMX Parking lot. 

From there, I met her teammates and finally, I met those people who she always talk about. It was nice meeting them. Nung nandun na kame sa tourist bus. Well, kwentuhan saglit kase kelangan na magpahinga. Nakatulog ako sa byahe. Si Jasmin, hindi mashado kase nagigising gising siya. Inaaway pa ko. Hahaha! :|

Umalis kame around 4am at nakarating sa Pangasinan around 11am. Nagbreakfast lang kame and we went boating, visiting one island to another and another and take pictures and videos and had fun, of course.

When we went back to the main island, we showered and eat some street foods and eat real food, at Dinner and waited for the Spark event to start.

Ballons with LED light.

Sky Lanterns.


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