Acoustic Bass

Sunday, December 18, 2016

After all of these years. I finally had my first bass guitar and it's an acoustic one. If you're asking why I just purchased this now is because, I don't know how to save money. That's why I started investing, and in this particular moment, I had extra to spend and it went here.

I purchased this four-stringed-acoustic-bass-guitar from Rj's and good thing they had this massive 50% off on all of their items. Great deal. I've waited for hours just to had this last piece from the store. Man, I'm blessed. 

So, why acoustic?
I was a trainee in our Music Ministry in our church few years back. I don't know anything about music or instrument. I joined them just to know where I could fit in and at the start, they told me to purchase a guitar and start from there. They said that I will never learn to be great in playing bass if I don't have one to practiced on. 

I borrowed a friend's guitar to practice and then watch video tutorials on YouTube and I found this Blog by Hillsong United's bassist. I fell in love instantly and that's the day that I wanted an acoustic bass guitar.

Now that I have one, I played all the songs that I can remember and of course, Solution is one of them. 


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