Why the Boston Celtics?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've never liked basketball growing up, well. I don't like sports at all. I was in high school when a friend challenged me to an NBA live '08 and I lose the game. I don't remember the team that I used but I remember the star player that crushed my team, Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics. 

Few weeks later, I found myself installing the same game on my Desktop. In fact, I learned the game from the game, playing and fouling, pressing random buttons and later on I learned the right terms. 

After awhile, I familiarized myself with the game, with the team. The Boston Celtics. From Coach Doc Rivers to the sharp shooter, Ray Allen, the Defensive monster, Kevin Garnett, Franchise star, Paul Pierce and the evolving, Rajon Rondo.

2010-2011 NBA Finals. A match between a rivalry, Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers. It's the first time that I tuned in a Finals game, I'm so pumped that I even create a fan poster online. Well, we lost the series. But the was the time that I became passionate about the team. I learned much from their 17 Championship. The Bill Russell Finals MVP Origin and the story of sign and trade which creates one of the most dominating big three the Pierce - Allen - Garnett era. Eventually, that time came and the stars were getting old. Ray Allen leaves Boston to Miami, then, Doc Rivers signed for Los Angeles Clippers. At that time, Rajon Rondo, became my favorite player.  

During the 2014 season, the team trades Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett Jason Terry and D.J. White to the Brooklyn Nets for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, Kris Joseph, Keith Bogans and future draft picks 2014, 2016, 2018 and the right to swap first round picks for 2017. It appears to be a dumb move by the Celtics, trading their star players for future, unsure, draft picks. Well, Danny Ainge is for sure a genius General Manager. It looks like Celtics were the one winning.

2018 - Unsure - More probably a high pick 

2017 - 1st Overall pick
2016 - 3rd overall pick - Jaylen Brown

2014 - 17th overall pick - James Young
Celtics Head Coach - Brad Stevens
And they had a new coach, the great Brad Stevens. After the trade, the Celtics looks awful. Their star player was Rajon Rondo (which was traded to Dallas Maverick for Jae Crowder) and Jeff Green (To the Memphis Grizzles) is the leading scorer. Several trades happened afterwards and young players have developed. They ended up with this line up. 

But Brad Stevens saw a potential from Isaiah Thomas, also known as Mr. Irrelevant (for being the last pick of the 2011 NBA Draft) and bring him to the starting line up. With this new line up, the Celtics ended up in the Playoffs. 

2015 - 7th seed - Lost to Cavs (4) in the first round. 
2016 - 5th seed - Lost to Hawks (4) in the first round.
2017 - 1st seed - Cavs leads 3 - 1 Conference Finals.

This is their current line up:

Isaiah Thomas - Top 5 MVP candidate, 2-time NBA All star, Mr. 4th quarter (Ave. 10+ points in the 4th) 3rd highest points per game in the league behind Westbrook and Harden. 
Avery Bradley - Became one of the best defensive guards in the league
Jae Crowder - One of the underrated defensive forwards
Amir Johnson - Defensive Anchor 
Al Horford - 4x NBA All star, All NBA Third Team.

The Boston Celtics still lacks something, rebounding. And there's too much disrespect from the league and the fans. But the real Boston Celtics fans know how they work. Because It's Not Luck. Seeing tweets, watching commentaries and hearing from other fans. They always mock the Celtics that appears to be winning by luck. And they always prove them wrong. Lead by Isaiah Thomas, who's proving something all his life. From being the last pick and the shortest guy in the league to becoming a scoring little guy and averaging more than 10 points per game in the fourth quarter (higher than 200+ players per game) and an elite star (2x NBA All star). 

They said that the Celtics will never overcome the Cavs in the 1st seed. They had the first seed.
Celtics down 0 - 2 against Chicago Bulls in the first round and I've been hearing sweep. They advances to the second round while our star player lost his sister in a tragic accident. 
Wizards in 7 against the Celtics? Conference Finals while Isaiah Thomas injured his shoulder.
Either of the 2, Celtics vs Wizard, they will still be swept by the Cavs next round. Just erased the 20+ point deficit with a game winner from Avery Bradley and without the star player Isaiah Thomas. 

I'm satisfied on where they are right now, they even had a chance to swing this playoff around. In fact, they destroyed an emerging NBA record for having 2 teams from both conferences sweeping they way to the Finals. But, if they will be lost against the Cavs, that's okay. They have the star power, LeBron, Kyrie and Kevin. And the team were stacked. We only have an Injured Star player and a former all star, but for sure after their stellar performance this playoffs. They will surely be more aggressive next season. Not to mention that they have cap space for Gordon Hayward and other star forward, emerging developments from our young players. Ahem, the first overall pick and the burning hearts of the Celtics.

We're not going anywhere. #ItsNotLuck #LetsGoCeltics




Lumia 640XL to Huawei G8

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've changed phones!

The first phone that I purchased myself, the fruit of my hardwork was Lumia 520. It's a low-ranged Windows Phone powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Operating System. It's cool and it's weird.

You see, as Google's Android and Apple's iOS grows massively, Windows Phone just got a reboot. They haven't find the groove yet even now, and because of that I felt like I'm out of this world. I mean, I have a very slow OS that I even signed up for the Insider Program where I can test new updates and features before release. 

And of course,  the never-ending, APP GAP. Let's put it this way, programmers don't like the OS. It's a waste of time, Android and iOS are the ones with the huge market and probably, if you're a smart businessman, you'll choose one of the two OS if not both.

Windows has a 2% share in the mobile market. Meaning 98% of mobile users is either on Android or on iOS.

And now, It appears like Microsoft is stirring it all up again. They ended the Lumia line last year and they're working on a new line of business. The rumored Surface line of Mobiles. The Surface Phone. We're all waiting for it, the Surface line never fails to impress. They have Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio and now, the Surface Laptop. 

They said that they will redefine "Phones" and they started doing it. They called Windows Phone 10 OS as Windows 10 Mobile. They even said that no more phones for Windows but a Portable Computer that can call and text.

You can search rumors all day online and I'm excited about it. Specially the UWP that they're planning. Well, while waiting for the "Device" that will change everything we knew about mobile. I'll be switching to it when the day comes.

In the mean time, I'll be working with this bad boy..



See You Around!

Friday, May 05, 2017

22 days a month, a consistency that runs throughout a year.  If you asked me if I'm gonna miss you, well. Let's just say that..

I can't enter the floor because it feels sad and nostalgic, empty chairs reminded me your uncertainty about the seat plan. And I can't eat at McDonald's for the same reasons, it reminded me of you. 

We shared hundreds of memories and I can still hear your laughs and the mockeries from your mouth. 

If you asked me if I'm gonna miss you. Let's just say that, for some weird reasons, I re-read our conversations to remember that you were all part of my life. Up and downs, teases and laughter, waiting for each other and surviving up to the end. 

It's just sad to know that you're not my office mates anymore but it's amazing to know that who I used to call office mates, became my really close friends. We shared tons of stories and helped each other make resolution.

You were asking processes, talking about escalations. We now talk about decisions and life. If you ask me if I'm gonna miss you, well. Let's just say that...

14 months, together with the bridges that we've built... It's gonna be difficult, for sure.

See you around then?



Baguio Trip

Friday, May 05, 2017

Apologies for the late post!

So, yeah. We went to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City! And if I haven't discussed it here, well. Here you go. We have planned for at least 4 out of town travels this year.  So far, we have Mt. Batulao in Batangas now, in Baguio and this May in Ilocos. 

I'm super pumped with this trip as I used my brand new camera! The Canon Vixia Mini X. And this is the footage that I took, compiled it altogether, added some transition and some background music.

It was a very rough day since it's a day tour only. I don't have words for now, you can just enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel! HAHAHA! :)



Canon Vixia Mini X

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I tried to mimic this device by requesting a Clip lens on a Christmas wishlist 2 years ago because I have no money to purchase the original. But last Sunday. My dream became a reality.

I'm really excited to create something using this Camera. I've been using my Microsoft Lumia 640 XL when recording my vlogs and travel videos, and let me know who gets a camera upgrade. Yey! 

Here's a video sample, this is when we're at Chatime right after purchasing this product. And I'm not sorry about my silliness. 

Main reason that I chose this camera? Design. Fish-eye lens. Great audio. 

Full specification here.


All about her

Keyboards and Screens

Monday, March 27, 2017

I was browsing my Google drive and came across a photo. It was from 2012, when I was still hiding my feelings from her.

Everything had changed since that day, but I still look at her the same way. I became more and more comfortable with her but yes, I still respect her. I may not be that proactive as before but I still put together things just to make her happy.

We just celebrated our 17th month together and there's this thing that I've realized, when there's no one to run into when I have problems, she perfectly interprets one of my favorite Stellar Kart song, "Me and Jesus" as the chorus declares "You got me and Jesus by your side..". 

Because I got her, I got Jesus. 

And this is the part of the blog that everything will be transformed into a cheesy line by using a lot of "thank you" and appreciative lines. 

Thank you for always reminding me to bring my payong.
Thank you for inspiring me for less root beer and more gulay.
Thank you for being mad at me whenever I miss a Sunday service.
Thank you for every moment na di mo ko matiis.
Thank you for including me in your future plans.
Thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws.
Thank you for every time that you utter a prayer for me. 

And yes, I appreciate all of that.. 

//KeyboardsSndScreens //sebajisoka

All about her

Love, Anonymous.

Monday, February 27, 2017

To my best friend,

I can still remember the day that you were teaching the kids to sway, you caught my eyes, attention, and heart. It was the time that I've fallen in love with you, what can I do then?
I tried to pull back because it's impossible for you to love me back and I don't want to risk the friendship that we have, but something pulls us together that we became best friends in no time. 

Maybe that's where I'm great at, being friends with the people that I like.

After many of my failed attempts, I stepped up to overcome this crappy self-esteem. I brought all the letters and poems that I wrote, I reached out to your hand and asked you to read it at home, you were puzzled and I'm getting weak.

At that time, I know that I will be rejected, you're just too good for me and I don't deserve you. I accepted the fact that you will never be mine. I fell into the trap of what they called "friend zone". But I gave it a shot. Hoping, waiting and praying for a miracle to come down. I'm trusting the universe that someday, somehow, you'll fall in love with me. 

In the end, I'm glad that I chose to be brave. Because you were my best friend.
Now, my girlfriend and soon, my wife.

Thank you for loving me back, Baby!



Mt. Batulao Videos

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

As promised, here are the videos! After all the hours spent on a computer finding music and the right pieces at the right time, here you go.

The Vlog

The MV

Enjoy! :)



First Time Hikers ft. Mt. Batulao

Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm actually creating a Blog, a Vlog, and a music video type of media. That's what you call the 3rd level of redundancy. 

Anyway, I just had my first literal mountain! I'm with Jasmin, Hazel, Denise and Charlie. All first time hikers and of course, newbies should be on the most basic and easiest type of mountain. Well, you don't call it a mountain if it's not challenging. (Now, that's a metaphor)

So, yeah. Our meeting place is in Laguna at 4am. We're ready and excited. Hazel lead the way while navigation is on us and we almost got lost. But that's adventure because DIYs. Hahaha!

We have our little snacks like egg and something else and we went hiking. It's wet, slippery and fun. The views were amazing as we count our steps to infinity. Well, it feels like we're on top of the world. 

I mean, look at that mountain. Isn't that wonderful?

Eto din po, wonderful. Hahahah!

Along the way, we met a lot of hikers, they're kind and in good cheer. There are dogs around and all kinds of animal, from horses to goats and off course, this dog, one of the highlights! 

NakikiGoPro lang po. 

Putik all the way, naabutan din kame ng ulan while we're on our way to the mountain top and it became more challenging.  

Of course, the non-stop picture taking and selfies. 
Matabungkay, 'cause we can.

What I found out about hiking is it's tiring, exciting, contaminating, challenging, fueling, fulfilling and everything. Yes, he had our amazing time, thanks to our guide and the people we met along the way and to ourselves, though we didn't reached the Peak 12 due to rain, we managed to conquer 10 peaks or the 10 levels of Acrophobia and it's not bad. 

Jassie, my bebi. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I'll be posting the Vlog and the Music Video type chuchu once I finish editing and uploading those. 



All about her


Friday, January 20, 2017

Last Sunday, I was sick, up until now. But Saturday and Sunday were the worst. High in fever with cough and cold combo. It was the first time in a long time.

I just want to record this moment, to have it written down, maybe here in my blog. Well, because I've been taking care of. No one ever cared for me this much and I'm so thankful for your life. 

She makes sure that I avoid what's bad for me and that I take medicines and drinks a lot of water and take care of myself when she's not around. And she makes me really really happy. 

She visited me last Sunday and had so much fun watching a movie while having dinner and enjoying each other's company. During those times, I felt better. Maybe not in my body but emotionally. 

Thanks +Jassiee


Work? Work!

Getting Into Stocks?

Friday, January 13, 2017

I've always wanted to be a stock market investor. Thanks to Bo Sanchez for introducing it to me through his books and yea, after 1000 years I finally attended a seminar. Yey me! :)

I already have an equity fund under PruLife UK but I'm not able to attend the session/one-on-one with the agent, but I trust my bebi +Mary Jasmin Casauay so I invested, we invested, for a looong term investment, like a retirement fund or something?! Benefits are good, return of investments and of course, the insurance.

So, what I'm planning now is to save, saaave and SAVE and I'm interested in the 52-week challenge. Basically, if I can, it'll be the 52-week, PruLife and my personal stock market investment.

I already have a strategy in mind, thanks to the seminar, all I need to do is to have that initial investment. I'll be kuripot then I also have travel plans. omgg. Good luck to me. 

At Philstocks
Assassin's Creed time!

Because we can and thanks to weng and everyone!


Work? Work!

Kusina ni Mang Urot

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yesterday, I was given a chance to have a glimpse of a kind man's life, Kuya Benji of Kusina Ni Mang Urot. Our office, TaskUs needed volunteers for ham distribution and it will be for the poor. 

Kusina ni Mang Urot has this advocacy to eliminate hunger by providing food to the poor every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Quezon City. He's one of this "busilak ang puso" in the country and he's more of a real person. After handing the food, he showed us around and told many stories about his life. From how we can participate in doing good, finding the right partner and more of his kalokohan. Yes, that's make him more of a person, when you heard him speak - you hear transparency, you hear his thoughts and anger towards excuses to do good and be good. 

He inspired me. And I believe everyone in that room at that time was inspired. Thank you for showing us that we can be good to the poor. Thanks for the inspiration Mang Urot! :)




Sunday, January 01, 2017

My 2016 Playlist:

Cold Play - A Sky Full of Stars
Keiko Necesario - Wish
Tom Odell - Heal
Willamette Stone - Heart like Yours
Willamette Stone - Today
Parachute - Kiss me Slowly
Chrissy Costanza - When The Night's Over
Thousand Foot Krutch - So Far Gone
Against The Current - Brighter
Against The Current - In Our Bones
Hillsong - What a Beautiful Name
Hillsong Young and Free - This is Living
Hillsong Young and Free - Real Love
Hillsong Young and Free -  Only Wanna Sing
Hillsong Young and Free - When The Fight Calls
Hillsong Young and Free - Wake  
Hillsong Young and Free - Alive
Citipointe - Wildfire
Citipointe - Presence Power Glory

Citipointe - Greater Is
Citipointe - Forever You Remain
Citipointe - Into The Deep


I started the day with a spread of Nutella on my bread, adding some mix of Iced Mocha, this is my breakfast, a sweet, sweet present. I sip it all, up to the last drop, realizing the challenges of life. I realized that This is Living now but God is moving. He keeps on moving even when we stop. He's gracious enough to push me and move forward by challenges and it's not even lunch time, good thing I have good support of friends as I spend my lunch time alone and somehow, free.

I don't know but I'm motivated. I can see more from this life, I know I can reach my dreams. The dreams that I wanted, I can see blessings in disguise ready to take over and fill my life with questions that I don't know the answer but it feels like I can fully accept the things that's falling down. Because at dinner, God is on my side. Waiting for me patiently as I come back. Thanks for your amazing grace. Bro-fist Jesus! You're the best.


 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” - Matthew 14:30


These are the last songs I've played in the previous years

2008: Declaration - David Cook
2009: Centerfield - Stellar Kart
2010: Your Name High - Hillsong United
2011: Happy - Ayiesha Woods
2012: Keep The Candle Burning - Point of Grace
2013: When You Call My Name - Vineyard Music UK
2014: Like the Sun - Stellar Kart
2015: Kung Wala Ka - Hale

2016: I Could Sing of Your Love Forever - Hillsong 

I'm speechless. T.T


I think this picture explains everything.


Come back to Me.
Yes, please. T.T

Make 2017 more amazing than the past.



Nostalgia '16

Sunday, January 01, 2017

2016 is pretty fast, though it didn't run smoothly as expected but hey this is one of the best year yet. Again, nothing beats this year-end feeling, a chance to look back in this roller-coaster year.

New year!
Ayala Parks

New Year with my co-SMEs
Wave somethings

Mga mababaet na teammates, 1st team na handle ko. 

And they're so baet naman they treat me.
The Cabin.
Hot Air Balloon Festival
Ang Alamat ng Team Bes
McDo is Life

Ice Cream is life also

Because food. That's why.

Buffet love

Senador na ang Chairman namin!

Citipointe Live in Manila

Back to Back Concert: Hillsong Young & Free
Masungi Georeserve

Maroon 4

Pizza Party!
Family Lunchtime

Ice Skating beybe

Cassie and Cooper <3
Acoustic Bass

Being Silly with this boy
Jassie's Day

I have a dream

It's not too late, come back is real.

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