First Time Hikers ft. Mt. Batulao

Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm actually creating a Blog, a Vlog, and a music video type of media. That's what you call the 3rd level of redundancy. 

Anyway, I just had my first literal mountain! I'm with Jasmin, Hazel, Denise and Charlie. All first time hikers and of course, newbies should be on the most basic and easiest type of mountain. Well, you don't call it a mountain if it's not challenging. (Now, that's a metaphor)

So, yeah. Our meeting place is in Laguna at 4am. We're ready and excited. Hazel lead the way while navigation is on us and we almost got lost. But that's adventure because DIYs. Hahaha!

We have our little snacks like egg and something else and we went hiking. It's wet, slippery and fun. The views were amazing as we count our steps to infinity. Well, it feels like we're on top of the world. 

I mean, look at that mountain. Isn't that wonderful?

Eto din po, wonderful. Hahahah!

Along the way, we met a lot of hikers, they're kind and in good cheer. There are dogs around and all kinds of animal, from horses to goats and off course, this dog, one of the highlights! 

NakikiGoPro lang po. 

Putik all the way, naabutan din kame ng ulan while we're on our way to the mountain top and it became more challenging.  

Of course, the non-stop picture taking and selfies. 
Matabungkay, 'cause we can.

What I found out about hiking is it's tiring, exciting, contaminating, challenging, fueling, fulfilling and everything. Yes, he had our amazing time, thanks to our guide and the people we met along the way and to ourselves, though we didn't reached the Peak 12 due to rain, we managed to conquer 10 peaks or the 10 levels of Acrophobia and it's not bad. 

Jassie, my bebi. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I'll be posting the Vlog and the Music Video type chuchu once I finish editing and uploading those. 



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