Getting Into Stocks?

Friday, January 13, 2017

I've always wanted to be a stock market investor. Thanks to Bo Sanchez for introducing it to me through his books and yea, after 1000 years I finally attended a seminar. Yey me! :)

I already have an equity fund under PruLife UK but I'm not able to attend the session/one-on-one with the agent, but I trust my bebi +Mary Jasmin Casauay so I invested, we invested, for a looong term investment, like a retirement fund or something?! Benefits are good, return of investments and of course, the insurance.

So, what I'm planning now is to save, saaave and SAVE and I'm interested in the 52-week challenge. Basically, if I can, it'll be the 52-week, PruLife and my personal stock market investment.

I already have a strategy in mind, thanks to the seminar, all I need to do is to have that initial investment. I'll be kuripot then I also have travel plans. omgg. Good luck to me. 

At Philstocks
Assassin's Creed time!

Because we can and thanks to weng and everyone!


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