Kusina ni Mang Urot

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yesterday, I was given a chance to have a glimpse of a kind man's life, Kuya Benji of Kusina Ni Mang Urot. Our office, TaskUs needed volunteers for ham distribution and it will be for the poor. 

Kusina ni Mang Urot has this advocacy to eliminate hunger by providing food to the poor every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Quezon City. He's one of this "busilak ang puso" in the country and he's more of a real person. After handing the food, he showed us around and told many stories about his life. From how we can participate in doing good, finding the right partner and more of his kalokohan. Yes, that's make him more of a person, when you heard him speak - you hear transparency, you hear his thoughts and anger towards excuses to do good and be good. 

He inspired me. And I believe everyone in that room at that time was inspired. Thank you for showing us that we can be good to the poor. Thanks for the inspiration Mang Urot! :)


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