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Monday, March 27, 2017

I was browsing my Google drive and came across a photo. It was from 2012, when I was still hiding my feelings from her.

Everything had changed since that day, but I still look at her the same way. I became more and more comfortable with her but yes, I still respect her. I may not be that proactive as before but I still put together things just to make her happy.

We just celebrated our 17th month together and there's this thing that I've realized, when there's no one to run into when I have problems, she perfectly interprets one of my favorite Stellar Kart song, "Me and Jesus" as the chorus declares "You got me and Jesus by your side..". 

Because I got her, I got Jesus. 

And this is the part of the blog that everything will be transformed into a cheesy line by using a lot of "thank you" and appreciative lines. 

Thank you for always reminding me to bring my payong.
Thank you for inspiring me for less root beer and more gulay.
Thank you for being mad at me whenever I miss a Sunday service.
Thank you for every moment na di mo ko matiis.
Thank you for including me in your future plans.
Thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws.
Thank you for every time that you utter a prayer for me. 

And yes, I appreciate all of that.. 

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