Lumia 640XL to Huawei G8

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've changed phones!

The first phone that I purchased myself, the fruit of my hardwork was Lumia 520. It's a low-ranged Windows Phone powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Operating System. It's cool and it's weird.

You see, as Google's Android and Apple's iOS grows massively, Windows Phone just got a reboot. They haven't find the groove yet even now, and because of that I felt like I'm out of this world. I mean, I have a very slow OS that I even signed up for the Insider Program where I can test new updates and features before release. 

And of course,  the never-ending, APP GAP. Let's put it this way, programmers don't like the OS. It's a waste of time, Android and iOS are the ones with the huge market and probably, if you're a smart businessman, you'll choose one of the two OS if not both.

Windows has a 2% share in the mobile market. Meaning 98% of mobile users is either on Android or on iOS.

And now, It appears like Microsoft is stirring it all up again. They ended the Lumia line last year and they're working on a new line of business. The rumored Surface line of Mobiles. The Surface Phone. We're all waiting for it, the Surface line never fails to impress. They have Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio and now, the Surface Laptop. 

They said that they will redefine "Phones" and they started doing it. They called Windows Phone 10 OS as Windows 10 Mobile. They even said that no more phones for Windows but a Portable Computer that can call and text.

You can search rumors all day online and I'm excited about it. Specially the UWP that they're planning. Well, while waiting for the "Device" that will change everything we knew about mobile. I'll be switching to it when the day comes.

In the mean time, I'll be working with this bad boy..


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