KKB Youth Summit 2017: Break The Record

Sunday, June 04, 2017

After living our lives being "Fearless" since 2 years ago, we came back, ready to "Break the Record" all for God's Glory. This year's summit, break the record by having 7 Youth Summits here in the Philippines. 

1. Central Luzon - Apr. 28 & 29 @ Laus Convention Center, San Fernando, Pampanga
2. West Mindanao - May 4 & 5 @ The Atrium, Limketkai Center, Cagayan De Oro City
3. East Mindanao - May 7 & 8 @ SMX Davao, Davao City
4. East Visayas - May 12 & 13 @ SMX Sky Hall, Cebu City
5. West Visayas - May 15 & 16 @ Iloilo Convention Center, Iloilo City
6. Northern Luzon - May 18 & 19 @ CSI Stadia, Pangasinan

7. Metro Manila, Bulacan, Southern Luzon - May 29 & 30 @ SMX Manila

To start the KKB Youth Summit 2017. Worship
The Host, Ang Kwelang si Kuya Patrick.

First Session with Ptr. Bobot Bernardo where he talked about Break Free from FAD, where he discussed breaking free from Failures, Achievement and Dreams. 

Basta KKB, KaKaiBa! Hosted by Calamba City Coun. Cha Hernandez, this segment gave us inspiration to Break the Record in the field were at. Kevin Gepulle and his team, won a bronze medal at the International World Sustainable Energy Engineering Environment Olympiad in Houston, Texas last May 3-8. While Anne, won 4 international design and engineering championships.

Second Session with Ptr. Jovi Villanueva - Binalla where she talked about #TheStruggleIsReal, she told us that we should #IntentionallyPleaseGod, #ConsistentlyPursueGod and #PassionatelyLoveGod

Third Session with Rev. Joey Crisostomo where he talked about #TheBiggestLoser that we should level up our intimacy with God.

Again, for day 2. We started at Worship. 

Then this funny segment:

Of course, may pa-games si mayor. 

Fourth Session with KKB Chairman and Senator, Joel Villanueva with the topic Breaking the Record

She's back again, now with Michael Galang and his testimony for being a councilor in 2010 and a vice-mayor in 2016.

Fifth Session with the KKB Vice Chairman, Ptr. Jade Angelo Gascon, he talked about #KKBGoals that we should have Holy Discontent.

Awesome KKB Musical about Millenials.

Sixth and last session with the Spiritual Director of JILCW, Bro Eddie Villanueva where he had personalized talk. 

Overall, God made us cry again. From Ptr. Bobot presentation of the percentage and that our lives must be an applause for the glory of God, to being consistent with the Lord, being intimate with Him. To having discontentment to glorify God, being selfless, offering our lives to God, to Breaking the Records in our lives, to live to glorify Him.

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