Cathy's Birthday

Thursday, August 16, 2012

After listening to a friend's heartbreak story. here am I talking to her about surprising this long kept friend, Cathy. this is what happened.

I have weird plans in my head but it will take time to prepare and more budget to be contrive. so I go with the simple one, I think she'll be surprise still. 
Food? I'm on it. Cake? Denise got it. Map to Cathy's home? We'll explore on it.

the next day, I'm ready to go. I went to McDonalds and think for a while then I search for a phone and call in their home, that's a part of the plan, if she's home, we'll go. if not, goodbye surprise.

I dialed her number. RING. RING. RING.
Hello? its her home. cathy's not home. she said cathy's on the mall with a friend or two.
Change of plans..

we're going to Festival Mall.
there, we've searched for her. we split up. we've scanned in our head where she probably go. Me on National Bookstore, Denise on Krispy Kreme/Powerbooks. and guess what! we end up reading books on powerbooks.

Minutes later a Text Message came to Den's phone. its from cathy. and another sets of minutes later. I'm with Denise, Rolinda and the Birthday Girl, Cathy. we just talk and eat.
I hope she had a good time with us. our surprise didn't go so well, still we have this moment, that she celebrate her birthday with her friends. this is my first time to be with her on her birthday! 

Happy Birthday Cathy! :D

Never Give Up

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