Life is unfair

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Last Wednesday, there's an horrifying news that made my day angry.
I have this friend. she and her sister were my brother israel and I's childhood friends. we used to play when we were kids. and we used to sing-a-long with our cassette tape, God's Army Album, even in prayer. we do nasty things and laugh about what we do.
years later our worlds went apart, they went to their province and we stayed here.

and then, 1 came back, they younger one. its good to see her again but its kinda awkward for some reason. 'til i had a change to talk with her and my aunt in their house. its a good time. that was 2010. and weeks later she left. no news about her til. wednesday.
I woke up. Dad shocked me. He told me that she and her older sister almost raped, good thing they escaped. 

Manel is gone. she's the younger one. she gave me remembrances. its so unfair. I've never lost a friend before. how is that possible?
she's a good girl, and where in the world the rapist go?. it gets annoying by the moment. now, i believe she's with the angels and she's with the Lord. Good bye my friend. thanks for the memories. 

Never Give Up

Galvanized Into ACTION, sebajisoka

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