Y-Men Conference

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Y-Men Conference.

it was a great conference. I'm still a KKB but yet I have this chance to attend this Conference of Young Adults. in their theme "Made Courageous". My eyes were opened as I listen to courageous speakers. the conference talk about the future. I mean, business and family stuffs. at least I have this slight knowledge about getting into family and getting out into the world.

the last speaker made me think about being a speaker. will you imagine? me? a speaker?
my dream? be lined up with great speakers like Francis Kong, Bo Sanchez, John Maxwell and other excellent speakers.

If God put this dream in my heart. I'm gonna say "who's up for adventure?" and answering myself "who else? me!".

I'll be rich. a CEO of a company. still adventurous type of unknown species of mankind. 
Hello World! 

Never Give Up

sebajisoka @ Galvanized Into ACTION

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