writing workshop and early OJT

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I just came home from a long day outside. I woke up on the rush going to church, there’s an orientation for those who joins the livelihood program. That’s 10am – 12nn. I stayed in church until 3:30pm. We ate a lot. We post the new tarpaulin promoting the 33rd anniversary of Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide. And have a talk with kuya ecko and elders of the church. I heard secrets in different issues.

I came home around 4pm, I just played NBA2k11, I’m enjoying MyPlayer I played until 5pm then I went to Manila, in Youth Center AGAIN. Yesterday Media Revamp calls for us for training. When I receive the message I was ELECTRIFIED. I ask my mom if she would allow me. Then yes. She allowed me. So I respond to the call, AGAIN.

In the jeepney, there’s this two youths on my side, they asked me if I’m a kkb, I said “opo”. Cool, We met on the road and we’re going to YC together. Isn’t that cool?. The guy knows kuya erish and the girl knows ate Lhen. A coincidence? I don’t know. XD

Up to the YC at 4th floor. I never really expect that we’re too many; I mean I thought it was exclusive for Media Revamp but I saw elders in the place. Then ate leslie asked us if who among us belongs to Media Revamp and told us that our speakers were late for some unusual reason. When the speaker arrives in. they apologize for being late and they are hoping that we would understand. The speakers are GMA News Senior Desk Editor and Executive Producer.
I belong in both field writer and photographer but we have to choose only one. I choose writing rather than photography. My reason? I have no DSLR yet. I can buy lots of pen and paper than a single DSLR. XD

The training starts with a brief introduction then they called Sis. Edith Mendoza to pray for us as opening prayer. Yes! Sis. Edith was there. Our assignment is pretty exciting but critical and must taken seriously. We’ll become a Journalist. You know journalist right? They search for news and tell every information they gather regarding the research they’ve searched. where will be our first on the job training?

Jesus Is Lord Church 33rd Anniversary. 
(this is the first time)

In cooperation with MIS, we’ll update the people on the internet about the happenings on the Anniversary. Just like in news there’s a field reporters and they will tell stories and happenings on the field then MIS will upload every important information we passed to them.
we have list of assignment and they will assign us for our specific tasks. Here’s the list:

  • *INFO Desk Assistant
  • *Main Reporter/Writer (covers the Program, Bro. Eddie and PNOY)
  • *VIPs: Government, Church, Media, Education, Business, Sports, etc.
  • *Villanueva Family, JIL pastors, Ministry Heads, Committee Heads, Organisers
  • *Performers and performances.
  • *Traffic, Security and the crowd.

I didn’t include some assignments. 

photo last orientation of MM Media Revamp
I learned a lot in that training. I must review and actualize it. I never expect to be in this heavy task in Media Revamp this early. So unexpected, I am shocked. Really! XD

I thank God for everything.
I feel really blessed these past few days.

And oh..
My dream was this.. To be a part of the PRODUCTION TEAM of JIL Anniversary ONE DAY.

Is this the fulfillment of it?

Live, Love, Forgive and Never Give Up.


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