Mabyaheng Araw!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It seems like a lovely day when I wake up. and when I went outside, it is. I fix my things and be ready for my appointments. I'm headed to Hannah Joy's Home, as my first lakad, to meet their PC. 

"Good Morning po"
"Good Morning Jebs"

I talked to Joy and I met her new PC. its broken, not really but it has no RAM. Bro. Orly gave me money to buy at Starmall, I also bought mouse and keyboard and then Tine's texting because we're going to Makati to meet her friend's boyfriend. So I have to rush!
I stayed there for 10 mins and went back to Hannah Joy's home. I fix. plug in their PC, punch in the RAM. click the On button and suddenly it opened. I explore some things and I said I must go because someone's waiting for me.

I went to Freedom Hills to meet Tine and we went to Alabang Terminal and then we went to SM Makati. we just talk, that's what people do, its normal right?. we explore the mall and walk around it and go up and down until we saw her friend's boyfriend. He gave something to tine and they went away. now, we just giggle about what just happened and we went to glorietta to seek for some books and talk about some stories from it. She really loves novels. 

and we went back to Alabang, now, in Festival 'cause she'll meet her friend. before her friend came, we ate kwek-kwek! and then he came, I said my goodbye Hi5 and went home, but along my way I saw streetwise! I ate there and then, Ptra called me about the Man of Steel, she want me to watch the movie, I said yes! sayang ticket nu. libre pa.

I went to church, say "Hi" to kuya eko, took the ticket away. at 4:00pm I rush to Susana Heights and wait for a bus going to Megamall. I'm just a boy there, wearing my favorite purple shirt and short and tsinelas, while I'm comfortably seated at the back. I'm thinking things on my head. but as I wait for my arrival, the air-con gave me chills, I hop at the back and then on the other side and went back to my original seat and went at the back again. their aircon controller was broken. I loved to punch the glass window as it says that you can break it in case of emergency but I act normal and let the breeze kill my weirdness. I just took my knees up! opened a book.

4:30PM, I'm still at nichols. then I remembered my friend's tumblr blog about having experience a heavy traffic at nichols. "I think I know my destiny" i said to myself. I just opened a book and let the heavy traffic go by. As I enjoy the book, some of the passengers were going outside and they started walking. 





28mins before the movie starts and I'm still at nichols. I now know that I'm not going to make it. I just finished that red book, and read few chapters from a bigger book. I'm not that annoyed being stuck in the middle of the Hi Way. sayang lang kase yung ticket. 
I watched the news after reading the books, I SMS some people to kill boredom and suddenly a girl asked me for a plastic bag. She wanted to pee at the back! HAHA! She didn't get any btw. I enjoyed my hours of stay in the bus, I bought peanut to balance the temperature inside me. 

Its moving darling! I know I can make it. at 9:00pm I'm at SM Makati, I bought my dinner and went back home! thanks a lot Man of Steel! Epic Fail Night. >.<


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